Case study how to judge the competitiveness of keywords


‘s judgment of keyword competitiveness is one of the essential skills of every qualified SEO staff. A competitive keyword, of course, should do its best to optimize the ability, and for a weak competition keywords, you do not have to waste too much effort to improve the overall efficiency. In this paper, Maoming SEO takes keyword AABB as an example to discuss its key competitiveness.

1., volume analysis,

through Baidu keyword collection quantity, you can see that this word has long been social concern, attention can be divided into unpopular, general, frequent, popular four categories. Generally speaking, less than 30W within the unpopular words, 30W to 100W for the general, 100W to 300W for frequent, more than 300W hot. Through Baidu search found, AABB included amount of 4 million 500 thousand, is a standard popular words.

2., Baidu index analysis,

Baidu index can effectively reflect the amount of search within the keyword time range, at the same time, through the index of ups and downs can effectively determine the keyword search trends, and then tap the potential keywords to intercept more traffic. The index of AABB declined all the time, from 520 of the highest time to 210 at present. We can find that AABB is not a potential word, and it shows a rapid downward trend in the short term.

3. related keywords analysis

, that’s the point, AABB’s long tail key words and Baidu index are as follows:

AABB expressions: 1012

search results first name: AABB type words _ Baidu library

AABB idiom: 260

search results first name: AABB

Baidu _ idioms

AABB expressions: 210

search results first name: AAB type AABB type ABB type words Daquan _ Baidu library

query the above data we can conclude two points: first, the long tail "AABB words than" short tail "AABB" more attractive, more attractive for preferred vocabulary can effectively intercept the flow; two, the weight of Baidu’s own products is very high, the properties of AABB as the strong form of representative words. Baidu in order to ensure its authority and network guidance, their products are stable in the first place, so the difficulty of the words we can skillfully use Baidu products to do self promotion.

4. home page search results analysis

AABB search results of the first 10 website analysis: weight > =4 website has 5, of which belong to the home page has 0; weight < 4 of the site has 4, of which belong to the home page has 4. If a keyword home is a high weight web site, and even the front page contention, this proves

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