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Putian SEO let you on the first page, Google is exactly where you want your article, but most marketers don’t know how it works, so make them on the first page of Google. It’s really not a big learning curve method that will work, so I hope you can realize the benefits of technology right now. I must remind you though, once you know how to get your article on the first page of Google, the ultimate success will follow.

when you may or may not know, keywords the cornerstone of marketing activities, any payment or free. Your choice of keywords, your marketing efforts, will ultimately determine your success in the campaign, and your immediate ability to get your article on the first page of Google. So, in that case, we want to follow the three concept for which you choose the keyword:

• SEO low competition (less than 5000 of the result is bound to be a "quote")

• mid-range traffic (at least 100 monthly keyword search)

• relevance (keywords must be related to the topic of your article or publicity)

these are the most important aspects of your keyword research and your article marketing activities, as they will eventually decide whether you can get your website on the first page of Google. You need a keyword research tool, and I recommend you use a rich affiliate like keyword tool that I used to get the first page of Google results for all my articles. The search volume rich subordinate keyword tool gives you all the necessary results such as the estimation of traffic, your article will be received by your keywords, many web sites have the same reference key, competition, and to "dig", to find a more detailed, more long tail keywords optimization power. If you don’t use keyword tools, rich affiliate to do your article marketing, you may lose countless hours of spending and work harder than you do.

uses keyword tools to create as many keywords lists as possible, and write keywords to Laden in each keyword article in your list that meets low competition, mid-range traffic, and association standards. Your article should have a keyword density of 1 – 2%, which is equivalent to about 7 – 10 times / 500 words or so. Determine keyword density, you can use fast writer, another brilliant tool to provide a rich subsidiary, and are willing to help you put your article on the first page of Google, every time it is.

I hope this information is on your task, so let your article on the first page, Google, because I’ve been doing it for some time now. I hope you’ll soon benefit from it and start using these technologies immediately.

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