Ruiheng eight indicators to distinguish between true and false website traffic


as long as the promotion of e-commerce, avoid to put some advertising, because in addition to the SEO optimization for free by natural rankings to get traffic outside is to rely on "money" promotion, pay and promotion of choice of network advertisement is the key, as long as the direction of the hit is certainly quite worth it. Because some keywords store products are popular words, want to do the home page or the top three are less likely to take some time, want to know the e-commerce website SEO first step – the Title Optimization can refer to Ruiheng Bowen, so I chose to fast track Internet advertising, but also a lot of advertising and Ruiheng contacted the media, in addition to the well-known network media don’t say, traffic and popularity did not say, but also want to put some low cost through the site navigation or personal website, you need to identify the network traffic and piercing eye, today to share with you how to estimate the site traffic and



today, there are friends through the webmaster tools to view a navigation Alexa ranking to view traffic and PV or IP according to the PR value of a website to simple discrimination is not very accurate, such as Webmaster Tools Alexa query Sina Sohu and other well-known media found that many well-known media flow forecast only hundreds of thousands to millions Sina, 39W Phoenix is 450W, the analysis of these one-sided is not exact, of course, none of us can check out a real exact media flow, these things belong to commercial secrets, unless some friends know about understanding the internal flow, and if we choose to put some small media website or personal website can a few points through me to identify, many personal Adsense or small media flow is false, for example some site navigation traffic is hundreds of thousands Millions of, and even more exaggerated, most of the water is large, here are a few points for your reference!


1 Alexa ranking: the ranking can be found in any webmaster tools software or web site, general reference is the average ranking of three months, whether this ranking and the users of this site in accordance with the relevant Alexa tools, and the majority of domestic users will install the IE plug-in, only some it people pay attention to this thing, so Alexa ranking is not necessarily high flow is high, conversely low flow Alexa website ranking will certainly not high Oh, you can go to the general evaluation! New site is no ranking to do rankings to 100 million ranking, as long as the millions of the following sites could also be considered, too rely on the ranking is of no concern.

2 pr:pr is higher than that of the low is certainly not the website traffic is good, because at that time I remember putting a well-known Web site navigation site navigation, PR6 PR6 was not a lot on even after the discovery did not come to a IP, so that the choice of media is more cautious. PR high does not necessarily flow high, PR low is not necessarily low flow, many sites because it is bound by a lot of domain names, so PR are dispersed, but the flow is very large, >

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