What are the conditions of Wuhan Cai Lin



must love to eat Wuhan hot and dry noodles people many people don’t know Cai Linji! Cai Lin Ji is hot and dry noodles brand big brother. Authentic taste does not say, but also join together with everyone to become rich road.

Wuhan Cai Lin record join conditions:

1, Cai Lin identity re Gan brand culture, recognized by the Cai Lin hot dry noodles join policy;

2, I and family health, have the passion and enthusiasm in this industry; with independent legal personality or strong economic strength of natural persons;

3, with a certain economic strength, a good reputation and pragmatic and serious career attitude;

4, the store with Cai Lin re Gan to join the shop: store area of not less than 15 square meters, net width not less than 3M, the height of not less than 2.5M, the net door depth of not less than 5M, the store signs at the bottom of height from the ground shall not be less than 2.4M, power configuration is complete, there are water channels under.

Cai Lin hot dry noodles with hundreds of years of culture, adhere to the "century old heritage, to create fine Cai Lin Ji" business purpose, follow the "adhere to the quality, the pursuit of excellence, quality policy to create first-class quality" first-class management and service, to product, price, marketing force shaping the brand image, the strategic mode of combining with the development of modern and traditional perfect. Cai Lin is moving towards the modern kingdom of food, and look forward to working with you to write a more magnificent chapter!

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