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exam, busy with school, blog has stopped for a long time, just when the arrest, think of some problems, investigate some problems, to also be a small harvest, okay, okay.

recently, the industry on-line 2 new products, very popular concern, one is based on the community, one is crying city. Even if the 2 are taking different routes, but one thing is the same. That is: pay for experience in marketing.

experiential marketing, the success of this Starbucks Road, is being more and more attention to enterprises, and rely on the trial exploration of various platforms. There are many factors for experiential marketing to develop. Here we put aside the broad experience marketing, based on the Internet platform for experiential marketing for discussion.

for the implementation of experiential marketing, the Internet seems to have a unique advantage: efficient information dissemination efficiency, interactive design, and even the simulation of realistic scenes, etc. can be achieved. And the community is a collection of thousands of pet in one, naturally become the first platform for experiential marketing. In the UGC popular, real name, real estate community step by step to maturity today, I believe that the high voice of community users will promote the development of new marketing community, which includes experiential marketing.

but when we firmly believe in the bright future of experiential marketing, we have to see some of the problems that exist now. I try to experience many enterprises to carry out the experience marketing activities, but I really satisfied little. From the most basic point of view, I think there are at least 3 points worth noting.

first: experiential marketing should be based on the "conversation" level.

experience marketing is customer-oriented, no matter in what way (perceptual experience, thinking experience, experience, emotional experience, related experience) the experience marketing, is to achieve three marketing purposes: 1. to improve the purchasing behavior of users have brand loyalty. 2. Stimulate the desire of the potential audience. 3. Promote the dissemination of product, brand information, and induce word of mouth communication. For the first second points, whether it is based on the Internet platform for experiential marketing, or offline experience marketing, are the main force point. Unfortunately, we rarely see the success of third. In fact, many enterprises use Internet to carry out experiential marketing, they are more important than products, but they do not realize to promote the efficient dissemination of information, or some enterprises realize that they have not paid the action.

has been looking at the experience marketing models in many communities, but there are few really good ones. Why, I think, is because the enterprise and marketing platform (that is, the Internet community) is not fully aware that experiential marketing should be based on the "session" level. This is even a basic starting point for all new marketing. The characteristics of the Internet are the efficient dissemination of information, and the efficiency of such communication depends largely on the quality of the information source. As an element of information source, enterprises and audiences should talk in an equal manner. On the one hand, enterprises need

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