n 2 months how did do the keyword Baidu second


my first website in April 2009 10, Chongqing classified information network (http://s.www.cqfenlei.cn) officially launched, until today, the word Chongqing classified information network to the Baidu second, the word Chongqing classification information also do the first page of Baidu.

actually, when I first started, I didn’t understand anything. After 1 months in the website, I changed to the current template, which led to Baidu’s collection from 1200 to 500, and later to 800, then come back, so repeatedly. So here tell you novice webmaster, template really can’t change. This is the first.

second, the keyword can not change casually. You can’t add keywords that have nothing to do with the content of the site. (I didn’t know it at the time. I don’t feel good about it today. I’ll change it right away.


third is the site map, the map does not begin to do a website, I think this is very important, because the GG only included my website homepage, do a site map, a few days included in other pages. Although the station at home, Baidu is king, but also Something is better than nothing..

fourth, we all know that the novel stands are generally collected, so that Baidu is not like. So I saw in ADMIN5 the original and pseudo original importance, the original will not say, but pseudo original, we all know that the content of the novel station is quite scary, is a very big project. So far, I’ve just done manual modifications and haven’t changed much for half a day. Here, I would like to ask you in the field of great God, how to improve this efficiency?.

fifth, and there is promotion, I chose Baidu space, Sina blog, Tianya and so on, but there is not much effect. See how much the other gods say in a day, how many IP did they get?. Soft Wen will not say, I’m doing, hey hey…

6, there is about the acquisition, the space is not large, so selective collection, I use a more stupid way, in the target site, a view isbn. How did you do that,


7, about optimization, I’m still learning in A5, and now do is to each book keywords to modify. The others will not.

site for nearly a month, I summed up the experience, in fact, site for me such a novice, it is really hard. Believe in yourself and keep it up. Some of these, one is hoping to bring some traffic to the site, and two is not ready to stand new station, the owners go wrong road.

comes with my little station, http://s.www.cqfenlei.cn/

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