Ali mother introduced new rules


From the beginning to now do

station has been put on the Ali Mama advertising, regardless of whether advertising can successfully sell, but every day, click on the appropriate fee, although not much, but also happy, at least I know this is my hard earned. But this view when Ali mother found in income is 0, at that time did not care, that is the data has not been updated, but to the website to see all the advertisement of the mom became guest advertising, consult the mom in customer service, what is the answer: "we will according to the site the quality of fixed push advertising or click Amoy advertising, Amoy advertising is according to clinch a deal, suggest that you strengthen the construction site, improve the comprehensive quality, the better quality of the website to obtain the push click probability will be more big."

I asked again what the standard of comprehensive quality of the website is: "Hello, specifically, we have our own audit mechanism, which is not convenient to inform."."

well, do we continue to use Ali’s mother in the future? Let’s help out with an idea.

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