A novice webmaster do station experience


contact SEO is only a few months, think of the original website promotion only know, do not know what SEO mean. Then with a friend, just know the A5, began to see the article in the A5 chat, search on Baidu SEO what skills.

always wants to do a website, always feel a lot of people browse your article, good sense of accomplishment, but also earn a lot of money. But I can’t find the topic. A good topic is a very important factor in the success of a website, so it’s not urgent. Suddenly I heard friends say this topic may Sen female future will fire, so he Pidianpidian to do it. The first time to do a site, there are many places to consider, and many places did not consider clearly, so after the site on-line, but also to improve the 2 templates. Always want to raise the user experience a little, but I’m blogging, open source ah, this is not familiar to us PHP is too difficult. Finally, the website was changed, and we were more satisfied.

but since the 2 revision, we submitted Baidu, he included the first revision of our home page (small revision, changed the next article calls and display ranking). The snapshot has not been updated since. I don’t know if this has any effect on our website ranking, but it’s bad to listen to many webmaster. There is no way, after all, we have too little experience. So here with the establishment of the novice webmaster to remind, in line on the website before you change the template of the web site, don’t try to built up on the site after revision, this more or less is not good. Before the site, it is best to PS tools to make good web pages, to see what needs to be modified as a whole, first change the site. There’s nothing to add to the feature, but it’s always bad if the snapshot records the page before you edit it, and the user goes in there.

site built up, we guarantee about 4 copies of the original every day, and I still feel tired, and sometimes for an original article, also takes 1-2 hours. But we have only 2 people to do their own work, and in addition, not only do this site, so only while doing so, when you go home every day, we also adhere to the original, insist on copying others article. Because I think this is the only website that will not worry about being dropped by Baidu and Google K, so that it will last for a long time.

it is worth mentioning that Google and Baidu’s collection process is not a, probably many webmaster know, but I still want to say a, maybe some novice AdSense and I do not know. Is Google you submitted to the site, he will be included, and the ranking is based on the views and website weight to row you this page, and Baidu is different, Baidu is the first website after you submit your site spider to climb, and then after a certain observation, and then release your web page.

at the start, we submitted Google and Baidu, and the home page was 2 websites

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