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do the webmaster every day to check the website data a lot, go to exchange links every day, the query included, but how to know each other and exchange links, integrity for you to retain it, how to know to put the website in search engine in normal was not punished, entirely manual one by one to a query, the answer is certainly not, it will waste a lot of time and energy, I recommend a webmaster tools online station webmaster helper network here (http://s.www.linkhelper.cn /), the station offers the tools is very comprehensive, covering almost all the webmaster tools, and all online inquiries, no need to download to use, very convenient. Which is the most recommended Links inspection tools, this tool every day I used more than 20 times, and included the query tool, is a very useful program, that every stationmaster friends went to see, I believe you will love this website.

The webmaster tools available on the

site include the following:

Links inspection tools: This tool can batch query Links included in Baidu, fast track which Links in Baidu included the number 0, at the same time can query Links PR, and whether there are other links to the station, immediately know which links to remove the link. At the same time you can check whether the other side of the site’s friendship link is correct, whether the use of JS, iframe and other deception.

search engine included query tools: This tool can query the website in Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Sogou, soso, yodao, MSN and other search engines included in the number and reverse links. Search engines include inquiries, and you can query websites Alexa, Rank, and China Rank. And very much, for each query, the tool will retain the history of the station to facilitate the analysis of their own website.

Google PR query, Google PR hijacking detection: This tool can query any page of the Google PR value, and can detect whether the site’s PR is true PR. Now, many websites in order to get high PR, take 301 turn method to get fake high PR, and then to cheat others links, use this tool can know whether the website PR is true, whether it is hijacked.

total station PR query: enter any URL, tools can display all the links on the page PR, let you know what you stand on the link PR high, and which pages of high weight.

Google global data center PR query: enter any URL, from the Google global data center query the PR value of the site. The tool can be used during the Google PR update to see if the site PR is finished and how much PR is likely to be updated.

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