On Strategy why didn’t your blog marketing work


some time ago, there was a person in charge of the enterprise to contact the strategy, said: "other people do blog marketing has achieved amazing results, brand started, and received a thick stack of orders, so he was tempted.". To Alibaba businessman blog, registered opening took 10 minutes. Then on his blog posted a few ads, such as "our long-term supply of" XX "brand cement coating, low price, quality assurance, welcome to buy. Please dial mobile phone 139XXXXXXXX". "After a long time, no one contacted him through the blog. It was nothing to do with it," said

in fact, the reason is simple: because pure advertising has no visibility, so others are reluctant to come. Just like a small ad, you should pick a place where people come and go, instead of posting it where no one is going. Blog is the same. Many people think that when they finish writing, they think that people all over the world will see it, but in fact they don’t come to see it. Can you attract readers to your blog and see if your article is good for them or not,


, let’s first see what blog marketing is all about: "blogging marketing is a tool for developing web marketing using blogs like these.". Companies, enterprises or individuals to use this blog network interactive platform, the relevant survey and information release and update enterprises, companies or individuals, and pay close attention to and respond to customers on the platform for the enterprise or individual related questions and advice, and zero cost of search engine is a front row to help enterprises or companies through strong blogging platform in order to achieve the purpose of publicity and marketing."

since blog marketing has such a function, companies or individuals often fail when blogging marketing, mainly from several major factors:

reasons: the nature of the blog platform has nothing to do with your topic;

reasons: Blog search engine optimization is not good, in Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other major search engines can not find your relevant information;

reasons: although it is through the search engine to find your blog, but can not find your contact information;

reasons: blog related topics are too small, so that customers understand your relevant information is too little;

reasons: blog writing skills are not high;

then, how many aspects should blog marketing begin with? The thesis summarizes two aspects of strategy, that is, the two aspects of blog content and search engine skills.

What does

write about,


generally speaking, a person will have many attributes, for example, I can talk to you about the actual experience of online marketing. You can also talk to you about what you are experiencing in your life, what you need to know about your goals, your management skills, and some career skills…… I can talk to you all the time, but as a blog that focuses on blogging marketing, I’m not

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