Talk about one of the most commonly used effective promotion methods QQ group promotion


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is destined to become a webmaster to the weight of the website, ranking and traffic day and night of hard work "webmaster get up earlier than chicken, eat less than pigs in the middle of the night, touch the computer" is the webmaster of the most realistic portrayal, as the most bitter one webmaster, no resources, no money, two three no contacts how to successfully promote their own websites? According to the years of experience in the Internet, and here we exchange one of the most common is the most effective way of promotion: QQ group promotion.

According to Tencent

official data show that QQ Tencent has more than 600 million registered users, because the QQ huge user group, business or personal use of QQ group promotion intention is one of the most effective way of promotion, as a webmaster well-known webmaster group purchase ( on QQ group has accumulated a large number of users, for example in the early promotion once light official on the establishment of the 100 QQ groups, each QQ group was the lowest of 200 people, directly influence the number of more than 20 thousand people.

and friends are doing two or three lines of local community website, the author also recommends early can to promote through QQ group, for example, your city is Shaanxi Xianyang, then through the search keyword "Xianyang" to identify 500 QQ group of local, local to recent news stories by QQ group propaganda the push to the user group.

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in the QQ group when the mass need not directly naked advertising, it is easy to cause the users antipathy, so we can with some humorous scripts and jokes in the published content, classic topics like to adjust atmosphere.


A5 Group buy QQ mass messages, advertising before a classic quotations, adjust the atmosphere at the same time advertising promotion, received good promotion effect, and then give an example,

This is the A5

group purchase launched in February 14th Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day in the integration of elements through QQ promotion group, group that did not cause the user antipathy, and can resonate with users, so that the group purchase group purchase sold out, the number reached 621, can be said to buy the effect is very good.

come to see a QQ group promotion effect, because the hair is a naked advertising, and do not consider the user experience, the result was a condemning.


Due to the use of a manual

a QQ group the first operating speed is slow, and the message sent more QQ is easily forced off line, if you want to send more, need to re login again released, so QQ mass slow operation, mass effect is relatively low. Recently, the emergence of the Internet called "broken barrier", "QQ mass device", "" can be issued

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