Was your station ever hung



believe that the webmaster of this picture was not a strange, usually like to see this site poisoning horse icon in the Google search results. Once I doubted the reliability of Google technology and opened a website labeled as poison by gogle. As a result, my computer crashed and I had to admire the advanced nature of Google technology and the humanization of Google search.

if you stand by what


1. will cause traffic loss. The average user, who sees the malware tips, probably quit clicking on the site. Even if the user clicks, only

will appear

this page, rather than enter the site, through these two tips, it is estimated that ninety percent of users will give up browsing the site.


2. ranking down. When Google finds out that your site has a virus, there are hints in the webmaster tools. If you do not remove the virus for a long time, Google for user experience, your ranking may be affected, my station www.cnfukebing.com.cn had eaten such a loss.

, it’s a good solution to this problem. First remove the virus on the page, and then go to the Google Webmaster tools, apply for review. Google can react very quickly and basically see it in second days. If you do remove it, you will naturally remove the

sign, and if so, Google will list some pages with viruses. You can check them again and resubmit them.

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