The shopping website for Alipay secured transactions and configuration tutorial


with the rise of e-commerce, many people witnessed the success of Taobao, but also want to get a little oil in this fertile land of e-commerce. Major shopping sites also slowly rise overnight, such as Jingdong, pat, Dangdang, and so on, and many places shopping mall big and small also have thousands of it.


shopping website at least is the payment problem, your shopping website is to sell products or services sold, customers bought how to give the money to you? Direct bank transfer, too much trouble, but customers may not be able to rest assured. Cash on delivery, this is not good, the goods to others, the money did not see, how to say that psychology is not a taste.

can be said that Taobao’s Alipay function is very reasonable. The seller does not believe that the customer, the customer does not believe that the seller, so we put the money in Alipay, both parties are satisfied by the Alipay payment of money. In this way, the seller is more assured, customers buy things more assured. Now, I don’t think better than Alipay online payment function.

Alipay, not one or two words can say clear, but Alipay is not selfish, so good to function for everyone to use, but to charge a fee. People give you things to get, and collect fees should be, but not much, but also as a fee, we also need bank charges.

many friends have their own shopping malls, and do not know how to pay for the mall. Now the mall have Alipay interface, Alipay can apply for secured transactions function. Of course, some do not have this function, then there is no way. I suggest that the shopping site regardless of your payment number, Alipay is the only indispensable. Because Taobao shopping is the largest number of friends, as long as the Taobao shopping, on your web site can be, this will solve the problem of customer can not pay.

I used to

a lot of customers do shopping mall site, will give them to apply for Alipay secured transactions, because this is more convenient. He also wrote for Alipay security transaction tutorial, but not very detailed. I made a tiger even mall site today, just need to apply for Alipay business service. Here, Shao Lianhu blog will give you a detailed introduction to the website for Alipay secured transactions.

first, Baidu search on Alipay


second, enter the password, login Alipay account, Alipay


third, Alipay login, click on the right side of the merchant service


fourth, if you have signed the application, you can see it here. Click on the application center to select the application

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