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today is the thirty year of the lunar new year, my online promotion blog is just one month online. Early in the morning, I have a query through the software blog optimization of a keyword (soft Wen promotion), half a month ago, it rose to the Baidu home page third position. Google has always been home first. Today, however, the results of the query are a little small. Google still comes first in the home page. While Baidu has risen to the home page of the first position, "network promotion" also rose to the Baidu home page. It was a bit of a surprise, but it was a surprise, but it felt a little quicker. Here’s a screenshot of this morning:


keyword "soft Wen promotion" for the first time rose to Baidu home first position.


keyword "soft Wen promotion" has been Google home first.


keyword "network promotion" rose to Baidu home page.


blog’s ALEXA ranking is an average of more than 320 thousand a week. The highest ranking day, also reached 100 thousand. Actually, I didn’t do anything about blogging at all. I just added the source of the article to the end of the article, that is, the address of the blog. So I don’t think this ranking is very poor, as a professional network promotion staff, the results of a bit nabuchushou.

below talk about some of the data link with me, which also has many PR6, PR5 site, but also by two well-known navigation stations included.


site name

PR value

site address

web site type

station navigation,


navigation station

, Czech Republic,



navigation station

Mapabc map search


electronic map,

Mu evergreen website promotion


personal blog,

will love



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