Outstanding individual stationmaster is all powerful king


stands as if it were an enterprise, and the growth of an enterprise is also the growth of an enterprise founder. The success or failure of an enterprise lies in the astute decision of the founder. Including talent selection, leadership, executive power and so on.

as a good personal webmaster, you should have all the power. Website technology, promotion, heart, execution and so on. Now explain it one by one.

1, first of all, to have a good body. The body is the capital of the revolution, if even the capital is lost, you have no room for turning over. We must pay attention to the body, adhere to exercise half an hour a day, so as to let their eyes rest, two to make themselves more dynamic.

2, have good hardware. Including work environment, computer quality, speed. Optimize your computer from time to time to make it faster. And clean the computer. The working environment should be clean.

3, promotion ability. It’s not difficult to learn as much as possible. More writing skills, more writing, will naturally.

4, execution. This should be the hardest. Make a plan for yourself every day. You can’t make it all in second days. Can you succeed?. It is a pity that a good plan has not been carried out, but it is a pity that the plan is not good. We must keep it up. Tell yourself to finish this one I will be successful, to break up the whole into parts.

5, detection. To be a good after-sales service, the implementation of the plan depends on whether there is no effect. Correct what is wrong and stick to it correctly.

6, pr. No matter who is looking for you, you should try to reply without offending anyone. If you speak in a crowd, speak only good words and speak ill of others, even if they do not do well. Strive to build a good image of yourself, make more friends, and make friends with like-minded people.

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