Suning use collar investment investment model to support youth entrepreneurship



management policy, access to a large number of social support, recently, Suning also in the layout of "double", to support youth entrepreneurship, which for the majority of young entrepreneurs, is absolutely good news.

the entrepreneurial team through equity financing platform, Suning Suning private platform to raise the public, investors and consumers, more interactive, show business projects. At the same time, can also bring the brand to enhance the flow of imports, capital concerns and channel docking.

for college students and young entrepreneurs, Suning set up entrepreneurship camp will provide a full range of business incubation services including funding, venues, training, marketing, sales, etc.. At the same time, Suning led the establishment of a 300 million yuan scale a fund will mainly invest in intelligent manufacturing, culture and entertainment, gaming and peripherals, such as two yuan originality.


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