Personalized mouse pad market demand 4 years earned a profit of 1 million 700 thousand


entrepreneurship, need to be good at discovering business opportunities. Today, as many college students sigh employment is not easy, make money difficult, a only read two years of Technical School of the northwest girl, but from the E fashion found business opportunities in just 4 years to earn a total of 1 million 700 thousand! Personalized mouse pad designed by her

1999 years after graduating from technical school, after the recommendation, Liu Yufen into, a Taiwanese run handbag factory in Shanghai. She studied at the technical school is art and design, I did not expect, and finally did a factory in the no one is willing to do the glue". In the hot shop, Liu Yufen covered with glue and dander overalls often close to the body, let her down, but she never complained.

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