How to make fruit shop


the same fruit, with a large truck to the side of a pendulum, even if the price is much cheaper, but the purchase is generally some old people, which is the problem of goods. Therefore, the fruit shop to open a good business, not only need inexpensive, but also need to know how to dress up fruit. So, how to open a fruit shop dress up fruit?

I have fruit for many years. Now, with the improvement of economic development and the enhancement of people’s health awareness, eating fruit every day has become the consensus of ordinary families. As a result, fruit sales have been greatly improved. Fruit shop also increased. In view of this phenomenon, in order to talent shows itself in many fruits in recent years operators, every year, I do this except in the fruit quality, pay attention to strengthening the fruit dress, let fruit keep fresh new image of Jiao drops, in order to attract consumers.

so, how to dress up the fruit, to maintain the freshness and image of the fruit? First of all, put the fruit into the classification. After each batch of fruit into the back, I would like to classify all the fruit placed. When placed according to the different characteristics of different fruits, to take a reasonable way to save and display, so that the preservation of fruit placed in the room temperature, the need to save the refrigerator fruit, with a transparent freezer display.

secondly, the fruit shape. For each fruit according to its characteristics and name, put a certain shape. A happy new year and then inserted above the idiom of a small red flag. For example, apple is inserted above the safety and happiness of the small red orange; inserted above the a small red flag of good luck.

again, with a fruit model and greenery foil. In order to increase the fruit brightness, I also bought some fruit lifelike model, hang on the door, at the same time, for some green fruit, try to put bit of greenery in fruit side, let consumers see green leaves, you can feel just down the fresh fruit, so as to enhance the desire to buy.

in addition, I also paid great attention to preservation of the fruit, to keep all the fruit picking every day, if once found fruit deformation and metamorphism, the time to pick out the left to eat, not sold to customers a bad fruit. Never cheat customers in the price, do according to the quality of sales, not shoddy, not price gouging.

of course, even if the appearance of the fruit to look good, but the quality of the fruit itself has been a problem, so I am afraid that the dress will not play a role in improving the operation of the fruit store. So, if you want to open a business flourishing fruit shop, do a good job of dress up is very important, the quality of the fruit itself will play a very important role.

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