What are the conditions for joining the cat nest coffee


cup of coffee at the same time there is a lovely cat baby, give your busy life to add different enjoy coffee, cat is such a pet themed coffee shop, let love love coffee meow star friends to enjoy the slow life!

cat nest coffee began in 1998, is the country’s larger pet themed coffee chain brand, the main nest in idle time, the brand concept, I hope to be able to bring people in the city a quiet peace. Since the cat coffee stay focused on food and beverage research, starting from the perspective of franchisees, embodies the unique value of store. So what do you want to join the cat nest coffee?

what are the conditions for joining the cat nest coffee?

join needs to meet the following conditions:

1, compliance with headquarters management

2, recognized company culture and product

3, good business reputation

4, with entrepreneurial passion

5, law-abiding citizens of China

6, with a certain financial strength

7, with certain management ability

above these points is the cat nest coffee join conditions, join requirements is not very high, but also a project worth joining! If you want to join, please leave a message below our website.

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