There are different types of supermarket location


To be full of customers to open a supermarket

, must choose the right location. Different types of supermarkets must be treated differently, the only way to profit. But how to open a supermarket location? How to distinguish the different supermarket type? This is also bound to be a lot of entrepreneurs, many of the following questions to answer.

1 convenience store, located in the residential area, the highway trunk line side and stations, hospitals, places of entertainment, organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions where.

2, business area of 1OO square meters in the right, the high utilization rate of business area.

3, operating hours are generally more than 16 hours, as well as up to 24 hours.

4, commodity structure: in order to fast food, small bags of goods, stationery magazines, there are immediate consumption, less capacity, emergency and other characteristics.

5, target customers: residents walk shopping 5 minutes to reach,   8O% customers for the purpose of shopping.

1, warehouse style shopping malls located in the urban fringe, but the convenience of traffic, and a large parking lot.

2, large business area, generally more than 1OOOO square meters.

3, a combination of library, decoration simple, cost savings.

4, commodity structure: mainly in food (a part of fresh food), household goods, clothing materials, stationery, household appliances, automotive supplies, indoor supplies. Focus on the breadth of the goods to be wide (refers to the kind of goods to be more).

5, target customers: small and medium retailers, food and beverage industry, group purchase and transportation of consumers. Most of the shops are selling a large number of orders and so on, in order to achieve low-cost sales.

1, a comprehensive supermarket location with the department or business intensive areas in the residential area, urban and rural areas.

2, business area of 2500 square meters.

3, commodity structure: fresh food, food and clothing supplies complete. Focus on the depth of the goods (refers to the same commodity specifications, grades, the number of varieties).

4, target customers: to meet the consumer demand for the highest proportion of middle-income class consumption.

5, the facility is better than the warehouse store decoration.

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