Photo paper ten brands list


as long as the use of a variety of cameras to take photos, is the use of natural photo paper. It is precisely because of such a demand, will make the photo paper market is more and more broad, more and more brands. Here, let Xiaobian for you to analyze the photo paper ten brands list, so that you can have a more understanding of the industry’s brand.

photo paper ten brands list, Fuji NO.1 FUJIFILM: one of the product and service of manufacturing and supplier comprehensive image information and documents of the largest scale in the world, Fuji film (Chinese) investment company limited.

photo paper ten brands list NO.2, HP HP: founded in 1939, the United States, the world’s fortune 500 companies, the world’s top brands, the industry leader brand, multinational large enterprises, HP (China) Co., ltd..

photo paper ten brands list NO.3, Kodak Kodak: in 1880, the world’s largest imaging products and related services to the production and supplier of large-scale multinational enterprises, Kodak (China) investment company limited.

photo paper ten brands list NO.4, lucky LUCKY: national trademark protection, won the China brand, one of China’s state-owned enterprises, the video information recording industry in the largest enterprises, China Lucky Film Corp.

photo paper ten brands list NO.5, Canon Canon: founded in 1937, Japan, the world’s leading producer of imaging and information products of the integrated group, fortune global top 500 companies, Canon (China) Co., ltd..

photo paper ten brands list NO.6, EPSON EPSON, was founded in 1942 in Japan Nagano, famous brand, a global leader in the field of digital image, the world’s top 500 enterprises, EPSON (Chinese) Co. ltd..

photo paper ten brands list, NO.7 grams: FanTai inkjet media leading technology, specializing in the production of inkjet media development, market development and application and Global trade Co. Ltd. (China) g pan-pacific.

photo paper ten brands list NO.8, the United States: China Computer Industry Association, the national standard of the national standard printing paper, with a number of national technical patents, Shenzhen Hui Mei digital imaging Co., ltd..

photo paper ten brand list: NO.9, thanks to a national high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu famous trademark, China Computer Industry Association unit, Jiangsu Naisi Digital Technology Co. ltd..


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