Xiamen second batch of affordable rental housing Yaohao start


prices continue to rise, many families are faced with the problem of living without a house. In response to such a widespread social phenomenon, Xiamen second batch of affordable rental housing Yaohao start. It is understood that the number of affordable rental housing about 3000 units of the island are allocated for the city’s housing, the housing difficulties of low-income and middle-income families.


of Xiamen city housing security management center, this year the second batch of affordable rental housing located in Zone Three Island, Hua Ling Garden respectively in Jimei district (two; forward delivery housing, Fangxing) Haicang District Sea sunshine apartment (Fangxing Xianfang, a new residential area), Yang (two Fangxing, Fangxing forward delivery housing, three) Xiangan district; the East Metro (Xianfang, Fangxing), Yang Tang (residential Xianfang, Fangxing Fangxing; forward delivery housing, three).

according to statistics, Xiamen city this year, the second batch of affordable rental housing a total of 6503 households for registration of intent, these applications are included in the scope of the admissibility of the Yaohao sort in 1 including No. -3000 for families; priority assignment, belong to in 3000 after sorting for family proper priority assignment, separate distribution situation. Not included in the scope of the admissibility of the application of the family of the Xiamen affordable housing rental registration intent and the number of families to apply for the number of Yaohao failure. It is worth mentioning that, according to the provisions can be used as a priority in the allocation and distribution of appropriate priority or object allocation for single family, at the time of application shall provide relevant proof materials; in the neighborhood offices (town government) to accept the above documents not submitted before the decision, as a waiver.

in addition, according to the queue allocation scheme, today will be the municipal housing security administration departments open Yaohao, the determination has been made "single" for sequence number and batch family acceptance scope for the registration of Xiamen city affordable rental housing intention, notary departments will be on-site notarization to Yaohao process and results.

Yaohao results will be announced to the public through the Municipal Construction Bureau website. Open Yaohao time for today’s 9:30, located on the third floor of the Development Building, to the scene to participate in the application of the number of supervisors to monitor the user on time.

do you have any family in Xiamen? Are you involved in the rental housing Yaohao? 3000 suites source can not meet the needs of the Xiamen market? But this policy introduced situation of low income people in Xiamen can relieve, to provide them with a shelter.

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