Help customers to drive sales


for bosses, maybe just a little effort, but for customers, they will bear in mind, but also have a greater help to the shop business development. "Boss, do you have a pump at home? My bike is out of gas. I want to use it." A 50 year old customer asked. I hurriedly said: "big brother, I do not have, but I can help you borrow a." "Thank you so much!"

so I asked my son to look at the shop door and walked right up to the neighbor’s house. After I find the pump to help the eldest brother to play the gas, the eldest brother, even the sound of a thank you, happy to leave my shop.

after about a week, the eldest brother of the eldest nephew to marry to make arrangements for the feast, the eldest brother came to me, and said to his nephew: "what we need today in his shop to buy it! The boss, the heart is good, the last time my bike is not angry, that is, he helped me to borrow a pump." Hear here, just remember that the eldest brother is the last time I help the.

boss, you sell 15 yuan a box of cigarettes? Introduce my nephew, want to buy 10." So I put the store 15 yuan a pack of cigarettes to grade brother and nephew, "well, brother, I store the grade of the cigarette can be more, there is a Yellow Crane Tower (Ying Jinsha), Taishan (Xin Yue), Septwolves (Ying Hong), Yellow Crane Tower (wannianhong) etc.. However, your nephew’s marriage is a happy event, we still choose some of the more festive cigarettes to entertain guests better." Yeah! You are right, since you come to the store to buy, is to believe you."

this time, brother nephew saw in 16 yuan a pack of Yellow Crane Tower (hard red years), repeatedly said: "this kind of smoke watched good packaging, give people a happy feeling, on the choice of the smoke!" Haha! Big brother, you look really good, not only the box happy, but the Yellow Crane Tower is a big brand in the minds of consumers, smoking and smoking on the absolute grade, will not lose face." So, I opened a bag of Yellow Crane Tower (10000 years of red), with a smile to each of them handed one, only to see their side, while watching.

"boss, let’s buy 15 today! If not enough time to come back to your store to buy." "Well!" I quickly took out the bag to the eldest brother installed 10. "What do you need to do, big brother?" "Let’s talk about how much wine we need." Eldest brother nephew whispered for a while and said: "5 pieces of white wine, 5 pieces of red wine, rural! Liquor price of about 200 yuan, red wine can be a piece of 30 yuan. So, I helped them choose the wine and red wine, roughly a 2758 yuan, did not wait for the eldest brother to open, I will wipe out a fraction of the $8. Let the wife to help the eldest brother to buy things to put on the car, brother and nephew happily left my home >

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