Open tea shop prospects have a good purchase tips


tea market demand, tea profits are very rich, so many people want to open tea shop, this idea is feasible. Open tea shop where to purchase? What goods? Novice tea shop, of course, do not know where to purchase, do not know which goods into the appropriate, today you recommend the purchase of tips.

first in the shops opened to make a survey of the market, understand the business area consumer tastes, to choose what you want to purchase the grade, brand and quantity according to the local actual consumer demand, but also do some brand new. The tea is good or bad decisions of consumers, the key is for the operator according to the consumer groups to the taste of the supply, taking into account the different consumer tastes are different, such as the north and South Green Tea love tea, love, love to the northwest of tea.

and each region in various regions and are not the same, taking Beijing as an example, Dongcheng District people love soup thick, rich, fragrant, Haidian District favorite taste slightly lighter, soup yellow and bright, the suburbs like bitter taste a little heavy, resistant foam on the line, this requires the operator to often go to the investigation research and consumer demand for a wide range of contacts, update the taste.

also more into a tea market to understand tea market and quality, establish the relationship between the purchase and sale of tea dealers or cooperation with farmers, (started to purchase is not too much, so as not to be) when the understanding of the tea quality and character of the cooperation, we can establish long-term cooperation on the basis of mutual trust.

In fact, for the


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