Seven financing errors female entrepreneurs need to be vigilant


female entrepreneurship is no longer fresh topic, women in the course of business entrepreneurs will also encounter the problem of financing, financing is expected to focus on the following seven misunderstandings or ready to start business women entrepreneurs.

1, the lack of confidence in the success of the action before the start of the abandoned SME financing plan. In general, women entrepreneurs do not adapt to the work of raising funds. A famous American business consultant AldonnaAmbler told us: "I do not stop in the country within the scope of the speech, active in the business organization, I hired a radio station to promote business information, and encourage those of commercial interest in the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, the needs of entrepreneurs and I contact to discuss the financing way of small and medium-sized enterprises.

2, shortly after the beginning of the SME financing action to deny themselves, prematurely abandoned the entire SME financing plan. Bank employees, angel investors, venture capitalists, and all investors are likely to reject your SME financing plan. SME financing failure is not as unbearable as the end of the world, you do not have to be discouraged. However, none of the companies can bear the consequences of continuing attempts to stop the financing of small and medium sized businesses. If you take a rejection as the final outcome, then you will lose.

3, impatient for success, easy to meet. Female entrepreneurs are often in a preliminary agreement with investors to get a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, root awareness of the importance of further consultations, negotiations. CarnegieMellon, the famous economist, author of a book called "women entrepreneurs who never ask for negotiation and gender.". In a recent study, he found that the number of men who knew how to raise their salaries through negotiation was eight times higher than women.

4, small and medium enterprises in the financing of SMEs financing requirements are too low. Most of the female entrepreneurs are risk averse operators. In the process of financing, they tend to be too much to consider those negative factors, so that investors recommend

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