The role of the invitation of the audience in the exhibition


now in some places have frequently held some investment show, at the same time, in the whole process of investment exhibition, the audience for the invitation and the choice is a very important thing, it is directly related to the success of the exhibition.

determines whether the exhibition exhibitors held, while China Merchants determines whether the exhibition can be a complete success, so in a sense the investment is more important than the breeze. However, the exhibition not only visitors, but also need a certain quantity and quality of professional visitors, the quantity and quality of the professional audience directly affects the benefits of participating exhibitors, the exhibition exhibitors determines the customer retention rate and whether the work can be toward the benign circulation, but also an important manifestation of the exhibition organizer of service quality.

in recent years with the exhibition organizers of the professional audience the importance of increasing the audience invited all kinds of work, there are many new ways, the following is a list of several, each has its advantages and disadvantages for analysis and evaluation of reference:

1, some government led exhibition, the local government attaches great importance to the main leaders, in turn led, in charge of departments at all levels composed of large scale pumping overseas investment group, partial promotion will be held to high cost countries. Because most delegations personnel is to take care of nature or abroad, so the investment effect is uneven.

2, a public commitment to the Organizing Committee for some exhibition units to visit the local merchants to provide food, shelter, etc. on the invitation, in order to attract professional visitors please with all over the industry associations in purchasing groups, and then press the scale to the other extraction organization fees, because this also often appear   phenomenon to some others; the representative sent out invitations, but worry not to be a mere formality, specially in the invitation on the scene by invitation (some even brought gifts gifts marked name and value) and a few days or coupons, invitations to draw the scene.

3, some of the important merchants to visit directly sent invitations, VIP cards and gifts.

4, some exhibition units make full use of the information media, the exhibition message using a mobile phone SMS way to all visitors, this method is recommended

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