Japan’s latest news of the earthquake occurred in Xiongben Japan 6 4 earthquake


evening 8:26 or so, Xiongben Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan, a magnitude of 6.5 earthquake on the Richter scale. The town of the county to achieve the degree of shock 7 (Japan standard), in the middle of Kyushu, mainly in western Japan, a large area of strong shaking. Since then, Xiongben continued strong aftershocks, the largest magnitude reached 6.4.

deadline for 15 days in Beijing, early morning at about 6, the earthquake has resulted in at least 19 houses collapsed, has caused the death of 9 people, while there were injured. In addition, Xiongben currently has a total of 33 thousand people in temporary shelters refuge.

it is reported that affected by the earthquake, about 16 thousand households in Xiongben County home blackout. In order to ensure the safety of the city of Xiongben to suspend the supply of gas to 4600 residents, the other 25 thousand can not supply water. The Japanese government has sent an investigation team to assess the disaster level.

according to the Kyushu Electric Power Company news, Kagoshima County Sendai nuclear power plant does not appear abnormal. Japan Meteorological Agency confirmed that the earthquake will not cause a tsunami. Kyushu, active volcano Mount Aso has not observed abnormal. However, the Japanese JR Kyushu railway company revealed that the earthquake caused a line of Kyushu Shinkansen derailment, but because the vehicle belongs to the back of the vehicle, causing no casualties.

Xiongben city is one of the famous scenic spots in Japan, is located in Xiongben, Xiongben, Japan, the name of Ginkgo City, and the city of Osaka, the city of Nagoya as the three famous city.

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