What is the process of opening a dry cleaners


venture capital shop, not to say that you can do right now, in this process is often a process can refer to. So, what is the process of opening a dry cleaners? Let Xiaobian for you to do a simple analysis, if you want to start a business, this can also be used as a reference.

open a laundry is not difficult, the process is very simple to open the laundry, just need to start from the two aspects of the hardware dry cleaning equipment and laundry technology can be. However, there are a lot of learning to open a laundry, really do not light up. Below, we have to analyze, to understand what needs to be done to open the laundry equipment and the process of opening the dry cleaners.

to open the process of dry cleaning shop is the first to buy dry cleaning equipment, laundry is the most important hardware facilities, laundry equipment, divided into dry cleaning machine and washing machine, different washing equipment prices are not the same. You can choose the type, size and capacity of the washing equipment according to the type and quantity of the laundry. In addition, according to the laundry service project to determine what kind of equipment is also needed, such as dryers, ironing machines, clothing lines and other equipment.

this part of the investment is relatively large, you need to carefully calculate the cost. Laundry detergent used to synchronize the need to follow up, and the number of purchases also need to be considered to avoid inventory accumulation.

You need to

the next step is to choose the shop to do laundry, store design. The laundry is suitable to open in the crowded area, the specific site also need you to decide according to the actual situation of the local, but must be convenient for customers to take clothes to the laundry. The laundry shop was selected, decoration design, create bright and clean washing environment.

of course, there is a very important thing in the process of the dry cleaners, that is, the training and learning of laundry technology. Sharp tools make good work。 Laundry facilities are complete, if you do not understand the professional washing technology and washing skills, the quality of the laundry must be greatly reduced, simply can not achieve good laundry operations. In addition, the standardization of equipment operation and daily management of the laundry system needs to learn. Advertising, shop offers, gifts and other activities also need you to consider, anyway, you have to conduct a comprehensive consideration.

for entering the laundry industry investors, a full range of laundry process must consider is laborious, make the effect would not like to imagine so satisfied, the cost of investment may be far beyond your budget. Join a professional brand laundry, you can completely solve these tedious details, cost control.

once the store really opened up, the quality of the factors will be very good, but if you want to shop, naturally also need to follow a certain process. So, if you are

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