National sports environment good sporting goods store opened hot market


for good, everyone will now have the time to do some sports, outdoor space is more and more small, so many people love to go to a professional fitness place, this will lead to a variety of sporting goods is more and more popular, so now running a sporting goods store, will be a good situation.

with "Sports" more and more people across the country in recent years, is carrying out the national fitness project, sports venues and sports facilities and rapid growth, has become the public necessities of daily consumption.

with social life level and leisure time increased, the developed countries in Europe and America to introduce the "pan movement" concept has been more and more recognized and accepted Chinese. In particular, young people and students groups, the movement has been regarded as a fashion, healthy lifestyle.

it is estimated that in the population occupies 1/5 groups of young people, which means a huge market at least 50 billion yuan. And with the extension of the high quality of life, the market capacity of sports related industries will steadily expand.

Compared to

and the past, now sporting goods are very rich, appeared constantly refined, the trend of specialization. In general, investors can determine the scope of business from two paths.

there is a single brand stores. For example, only Nike or Adidas products. The full range of goods can include sports clothing, shoes, socks, hats, bags, and various sports accessories and sports equipment;