With these two restaurants can be brought back to life


not all entrepreneurs can easily get rich, nor is it so the food and beverage franchisee can be in this wealth of gold in a lot of gold and silver amoy. Want to ensure that the Nuggets food and beverage industry, it is necessary to master a certain business skills, small series teach you two strokes, restaurants can be transferred from deficit to profit!

Meet entrepreneurs during the

Analysis of

normal passenger flow is mainly some number of individual households and across the street within the district (the opposite is behind a row of facade is a village). Side by side with the restaurant is a number of female beauty salons, car repair and housing agency facade, such as a long time such a peer to the restaurant in the area of another door (export) there are a few snacks do facade.

Analysis of

The development of space

the first one: do business as soon as possible. In Wuhan, office workers

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