How to name a coffee shop


how to successfully run a shop, but it takes a lot of effort, and will involve a lot of work. But in many work, a good name, not only has the connotation of humanistic aesthetics is more complex, the rapid spread of the aesthetic connotation of interpersonal, and infected each other powerful radiation upgrade. So, if you want to successfully open a coffee shop, the good is the key. So, how to name the coffee shop?

, the name of a successful coffee shop, and must be consistent with the target customer positioning, consumption levels, and cafe business purposes, the style of decoration, decorative sofa, music lights all the details match.

to explore the name of the cafe, to know these points:

1, get rid of restaurants, especially in the name of the restaurant in the middle of the misunderstanding, not to be constrained by the name of the restaurant named.

2, a cafe named to read, listening, easy to remember and easy to write.

3, a cafe named as far as possible to avoid too popular (i.e. vulgar).

II, the three principles of naming coffee.

1, word of mouth can.

2, with visual and spiritual beauty.

3 to meet customer needs.

, standing at a higher point of view.

1, reflect the cultural connotation.

2, the name, logo is a part of the brand, to be consumers.

3, the brand should reflect the emotion and appeal of consumer groups.

, pay attention to the role of trademark.

The name to

1, easy to read, easy to remember, don’t be too hard to pronounce, or even the name of the guest couldn’t come out, I’m afraid this shop is difficult to have a deep impression too.

2, full of meaning, when the guests asked the boss why take this name, tell the story moving, the guests told out, may have the effect that make the finishing point, can attract customers.

3, has the particularity, can cause the topic discussion, lets the passing guest or the media attention.

4, coffee from the west, is a part of western culture, the name of many people in the west, things, places and other related considerations.

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