Smoke cabinet installed on the exhaust fan is very good


cigarette cabinet is a cigarette shop to show the product to customers, so this product can play a special role. So, for cigarette customers, the smoke cabinet is like the eyes of the shop, the most attractive to customers. Under normal circumstances, the customer’s cigarette cabinet in the eye-catching position of the business place, such as the entrance of the shop door, next to the window, and some even put the cigarette cabinet outside the shop to attract customer attention, improve customer turnover rate.

I think, scorching summer, into the high temperature baking mode, located in front of the shop smoke cabinet, susceptible to sunlight, withstand high temperature baked test, the impact on the cigarette packaging and internal quality. In the market inspection, found that some cigarette cabinet inside the cigarette packaging for a long time by ultraviolet radiation, the cigarette has faded. Customers will not buy such cigarettes.

"ultra convenience store is located in the new rural square corner, in front of the door without a shade and sun. A group of old smoke cabinet placed in front of the store, every summer noon, the sun smoke cabinet, the cabinet is airtight, sunlight indoor temperature, open cabinets to take smoke can obviously feel a hot "hot hand". Owner Dong boss had covered with white smoke cabinet, to avoid the sun, but to do so, but also block the customer shopping line of sight, the impact of cigarette sales. Later, tobacco companies client manager Yang gave him a "idea": in addition to the smoke cabinet to hold the umbrella, you can use the exhaust fan to cool the fume hood.

holding the attitude to try, he bought a toy can be plugged in the stall type of exhaust fan, in the back of the cigarette cabinet opened a small skylight, the exhaust fan installed. This trick is indeed effective, can play a ventilation, heat, cooling effect. Customer manager Xiao Yang field test, with a thermometer to measure the temperature of the installation of the cabinet after the installation was reduced by three to five degrees.

open cabinets to take the smoke, no longer feel warm. Because it is a toy type exhaust fan, electricity is not much noise, sizzle sounds quite comfortable. Dong boss pleased to customer manager Xiao Yang said: this little invention really works, just like the phone’s micro fan, can play a cooling effect. Thank you for the sake of customers, let the smoke cabinet "high fever", no longer let the cigarette safety in summer."

conclusion: if the reasons for the high temperature in summer, so that the appearance and quality of cigarettes have been affected, which for the store’s business is naturally a great influence. Therefore, the summer sun is very important cigarette. Because it is related to the external and internal quality of cigarettes. A lot of ways to prevent the use of sunscreen, sunscreen with a sun umbrella, a glass cabinet on the sunscreen film, placed on top of the counter flowers, cigarettes, cigarettes, etc.. The author believes that the interests of customers is not trivial, quality service endless. As a tobacco, in their daily work, to the end, love of customers, for customers more ideas and tactics, to help customers solve on all kinds of new and old problems encountered in business.

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