Entrepreneurship shop how to make your shop stand out


for many entrepreneurs, now social entrepreneurship shop is a lot of young entrepreneurs ideas, but no matter what you now start to open shop, there are a lot of business secret is you can not know.

competition in the retail industry is more and more fierce, various promotions and speculation are the greatest degree of use by retailers, at the same time in the store with a variety of technical means to let each person do his best, layout atmosphere to promote sales.

A, "quantity", as the primary principle of display, "" nature has its important significance. As the saying goes: "sell heap mountain", which means that the merchandise display must have a sense of volume can cause the attention and interest of the customer, at the same time the amount of display is also a vivid image of the store is an important condition;

two, "set", the same category goods should focus on display in neighboring shelves or position. Focus on the requirements of the display is also a "sense of display display", while allowing customers to more easily in accordance with the type of concentration to find their own brands or varieties;

three, "easy", taking is easy to restore is a good display condition of goods. Because even more beautiful, atmospheric display (stack), if the customer take inconvenient, or take back the extremely trouble, then good display can play the purpose of sales promotion;

four, "Qi", said commodity display to ensure a brand or product can complete at the same time, focus on display, so that customers have more choices, which is neat and beautiful in the display effect;

five, "clean",   clean and tidy is a customer requirements for product display and the whole store environment. The store staff and to clean up the goods and shelves or stacking position timely health in the display of goods, the goods timely dust wipe clean, reflect the product freshness;

six, "the", many commodities have relevance in the minds of customers, when customers buy a product he will need related goods to match and carefully planned by the store staff he will find a piece of goods bought plus B goods would be a good collocation, very it is necessary that the commodity association is displayed; (such as toothpaste and toothbrushes, tea and tea, trash and garbage bag etc.)

seven, "when", the store staff in the display of goods goods need to pay attention to shelf-life time and shelf life, especially the shorter shelf life of goods such as pasta, refrigerated goods etc.. The store staff to follow the   "the display principle of first in first out, when on the shelf in front of the goods by the customer is empty, replenishment personnel should first back to the front will push commodity, then the production date of the new supplement to the rear air fresh;

eight, "bright", that is to say the position where the goods display to display in the light of a better visual effect, good location, bright enough to see, to ensure that the product is recommended

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