Month: September 2017

Why so many enterprise BOSS is willing to learn Shanghai dragon

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become a product manager Niubi, which is fed information need to read a tens of thousands of users, and communicate with the mining product shortage; affected by this, used in the medical industry, the first thing to do is to read, online chats and mining search rules, after seeing N patients chat dialogue and search behavior, I summarized, 90% is the first search path search industry, such as Wuxi for * * where good, found a satisfactory SEM landing page or a news source page, when you read the patient carefully designed soft, then search brand word "* * how"; in fact, this gives us a very useful information to the user in each link of possible needs we carefully set up advertising, so that can promote the brand; the most A case in the operation, in accordance with the basic strategy, from either SEM or WeChat or QQ, Shanghai dragon space, potential customers may appear where show advertising, so that we can know you, remember you read more

WordPress mobile friendly friends how to do all of the big secret

mobile friendly tool use experience

WordPress is currently is the popular lightweight content management system in China, has the world’s most powerful plug-ins and templates in the circle is very popular, this time we invited domestic famous WordPress community I love Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil bloggers to us how to do good friends of wordpress.

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general evaluation result is: the web page for mobile devices, but there is still a space optimization

Click on the

mobile phone access to the Internet, even though I love this kind of similar Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil general application scenarios for the technology blog PC, there are 30% mobile users access to the mobile site, so more and more important, today on the love of Shanghai station, Shanghai station found love also launched a "mobile friendly" tool and also introduced the "love Shanghai search MobileFriendly (mobile friendly) standard V1.0", to help owners establish mobile application website, provide a clear direction for the construction of mobile web site. read more

Love Shanghai SEO three core issues you must understand

first, love Shanghai no shortage of content is the lack of quality content. We know the web site after online, now and in the past have been optimized can not be mentioned in the same breath with, as long as the site before the line after no content, the title is the name of the company, may have a great chance to search to the user, but the website is not only to meet the requirements of users to browse the web content, but also to help users solve the problem, that is fine the contents of the so-called, because the development of the Internet now, all walks of life and their own web sites, web sites like Chinese population growth has been far greater than the demand, this is the reason why China to practice family planning, obviously is to enhance the quality of the population in Shanghai! Love is the same, in this case, judge key contents boutique is love Shanghai focus on site audit, not only to have a website and have content, The premise of content also further improve the quality of content, this process is raised step by step, the content quality is mainly reflected in the content is original, whether it is truly for customer service, professional degree and degree of authority, whether to help the user understand into pictures, video, etc. the diversified factors and these are elements of quality content, as a webmaster how to remain in the era of false original or Yan > read more

How to get more traffic with long tail keywords

. Using their website long tail keywords to get traffic

This article by

blog how to do long tail keywords, but also with the above methods about it, but we have to choose some kind of sexual, or joke class, anyway, is the type we all love to do long tail keywords, because the reason for this is to impress visitors, to facilitate their next time in the browse.

forum is also released our article, how to release it. To select the long tail keywords, such as "women’s taobao贵族宝贝 taobao贵族宝贝 Womens winter + New + taobao贵族宝贝 Womens winter coats" to publish articles, the most important point is that in the content, we want to add these words to us, is the best in the head and tail, because it is easier to love Shanghai or the search engines, the general large-scale forum is easy to included, so bring the traffic is very considerable. read more

Keywords new sites on how to enter the home page for a week

do the weighting period or the maintenance of the station outside the station outside the station dual optimization, weighted to our most common links and a chain weighted station; analysis, through the search engine statistics data to change the user site damage site weighted experience is poor, high rate jumped out of the page.

A period of time the author Dennis here is a network marketing summit before

first, the new weighted lead, page ranking is very simple.

second, 301 permanent directional, bundled anchored "ranking. read more

How to choose a good site optimization program of Shanghai Dragon

in addition to the traditional CMS and blog program, the webmaster will choose the other site to site, such as quiz, SNS, micro-blog, photo sharing, download and so on all kinds of procedures, and this kind of program is often not good program and team like DEDE CMS. If you have money, everything is not a problem, if not, most of the webmaster can download some free or open source program in the source site to site, how to choose a good Shanghai Longfeng web site optimization program, this paper will answer for you. read more

Li Jing copied Li Jing from channel brand to own brand of entrepreneurial roadPanda capital partner

I don’t think it’s more expensive to sell and better quality is an upgrade in consumption. Whether the growth of a consumer category, or a phenomenon of consumer products hot, or people talk about the most quality and brand, in fact, are from the product itself dimension to talk about consumer upgrades.

Le bee network is among several B2C to do its own brand first, can also be said to be relatively mature. Li Jing’s own brand of road is, according to each star or cosmetics professionals in the field of expertise, to create their own brand of cosmetics. JPLUS Jing Jia corresponds to Li Jing, JMIXP and JLYNN for cosmetics, small P and Mei Lin customized, which is known as "Daren" brand. read more

Shanghai Longfeng learning optimization process to choose what best books

such as "Shanghai" and "Shanghai dragon art dragon combat code", these two books are really great help in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, belong to domestic website optimization early predecessors translation books will be relatively simple to understand. The search engine has more clearly is love Shanghai, we also have a lot of help, let you quickly enter the practice.

source: Guizhou Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝 reprint please, thank you.

believes that a lot of learning Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends all very much like to have a very simple and very comprehensive tutorial for their own learning. However, you will find any high quality tutorial can let oneself learn the most valuable things to learn, learning methods are often the most difficult thing most solid. In fact, small to give us advice is to read professional books, in fact, is the crystallization of the wisdom of Guizhou, once the network high to recommend several good books. read more

Shanghai dragon Er want to success is actually very simple

here I would not say that the chain and the original nonsense, the chain and the original poem what you know. For me, I feel Shanghai dragon is most in need of analysis, summary and feedback. If you only know the hair of the chain, continue to write original then you are not a true Shanghai dragon Er, because these things even a novice webmaster all know that soon.

summary of what? I remember when the Chinese teacher always asks us to sum up the lesson of mathematics, the teacher always asks us to think about the problem, Shanghai dragon is the same reason, after the analysis of the reasons, to make a summary of their own, to avoid the same mistake next time meet. read more

Shanghai dragon er not to be good small and not to do something small but is evil

Huizhou Shanghai dragon had seen such a sentence, not how much capacity do what is, but the task is much you have.

4. just hit the brand name and how many people will notice? What effect? Do the text chain, regardless of the role again small, at least can play some role on the website of Shanghai dragon, how is better than nothing.

2. for the love of Shanghai has a domain directive for the text, there is a rational function, is definitely yes, but as long as there is a role, even the role of small, less can be more natural and will gradually be reflected. read more