Month: September 2017

Shanghai dragon died not just raise the threshold

Shanghai dragon really come to an end? It is too early to say Shanghai dragon end, as long as the search engine, Shanghai dragon is not dead. If you must find a word to sum up a big update in recent months, we can only say: Shanghai dragon is not dead, but raise the threshold.

with the next round of the arrival of love Shanghai big update, the webmaster to smoke four, loss of life, many rely on the search engine industry from a wild profusion of vegetation in ruins. Many webmaster but no complaints only covered all over with cuts and bruises, HanHen shouted: Shanghai dragon is dead! Shanghai dragon has no potential to decline! Shanghai dragon! And so on, always is to say that the Shanghai dragon has come to a head. read more

Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng sex is the ranking tool targeted

in the database of Shanghai loveShanghai Shanghai dragon to produce

domestic industry is in turmoil, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners with uneven in quality level, Shanghai dragon emerge in an endless stream pseudo experts, a large number of people will follow the so-called experts into errors, but for those "experts" sent a large number of gold and silver. Lack of supervision of the Internet industry is the leading cause of this is fundamental for anyone to enter, the lack of necessary supervision, will inevitably lead to the whole industry impetuous and most of the holding fishing run mentality, several people in the majority of Shanghai dragon industry network composed of the company also probably hold this kind of mentality to make quick money and I can’t say who is right and who is wrong, everyone’s money in different ways, so the view will be different. But from my personal point of view, or in favor of Shanghai Longfeng formal and responsible to the customer. read more

Shanghai dragon Er strategic vision and thinking must rise to the whole network marketing

this view is the traditional Shanghai dragon road is already more and more narrow, we must put the Shanghai dragon vision and thinking to the whole network marketing. Instead of the entire site. A simple search engine hanging on a line, it’s too dangerous. For example, some time ago I saw a good site in the A5 sale, bid ten thousand yuan, followed by some of the comments was. Is that this website is worth the price, I looked at the site is good, just because the search engine drop right now, that did not drop right before is worth the price, once the drop right or be K estimation for others nobody wants. This is the Shanghai dragon in network marketing in the cup, if the station will again put on a good flow chart on the site behind. Tell others even if my site is in love with the sea K again how, still in a strong flow, but also the value of a value of eight thousand, believe that the webmaster will not abuse, but should put up your thumb. read more

Some experience of doing is love Shanghai Shanghai dragon website ranking

1. do the most important thing is to choose a good domain name domain name, determines the success of the site this half of you. Why? I think many people will say too exaggerated! Oh, is not an exaggeration! Even more is not an exaggeration to say that the good domain determines whether you use methods and to what you can do with the sea main keywords ranking first. I like the back of the site, how can not be the first, because my site no matter what you do is a large chain that without 2 websites…… The site is not the front, but to do the main keywords I pay much more than the first bite site in front of the first efforts it read more

Shanghai dragon website template site we need to abandon the optimization analysis of those points

second, the company does not want something out. Because it is the template so many times you the unique value of enterprise and service, even with our own functional modules are difficult to show on the home page, the flesh is weak, is consistent with the current many enterprise website embarrassment.

I found that the current Shanghai Longfeng optimization with some very many enterprises still use the old template site program, actually the current search engine and the Internet increasingly fierce competition, many enterprises of similar sites very similar, so it creates our own enterprise brand and services can not be effectively highlighted, so now we must abandon the the traditional site of the template template analysis routine, first station drawbacks, then discuss how to adjust. read more

Scindapsus algorithm 100% with the Raiders will see the webmaster


two, sell link website

of course at this point, the net strange Shanghai dragon did the training test, when the Scindapsus algorithm, a student ranking moment from the first page to page third to fall, for its analysis, found that the site has not related to Links, so he immediately removed, second days back home ranking and ranking rose to first place.

20 million do not buy

algorithm for Scindapsus, owners should pay attention to what

The ?

love Shanghai algorithm, injury is inevitable, so how can we prevent the site to be search engine friendly fire? And the green algorithm, we optimize the work of the Shanghai dragon how to improve? These problems are all need to be addressed urgently. Then the net strange Shanghai dragon combat training today with algorithm 100% and write Scindapsus detailed strategy, hope to all the webmaster of the Shanghai dragon optimization can provide some help! read more

Six aspects of Web site analysis should be adjusted down right

website ranking 100 pages are found

third, check the website robots files and meta code page


5. ways to promote specific performance of

on the server if there are multiple sites included are not too stable, and even by cheating serious, for our website is a big influence, once found serious situation, proposed to replace the host.

4. past the site measures taken by

Check the

B. with a server other site is a problem of

open the A. server of

server is not always open, or for a long time is not open, is probably how long read more

Shanghai dragon er must see Shanghai dragon future development trends and challenges

a lot of people on the search engine to find information? Second trends of real-time search this is what we are going to talking about. So what is the real time search? In a nutshell is real-time search for some information on the Internet, instant search, to achieve instant results. The so-called "real time" is actually a kind of people for the good wishes of real-time access to information, real-time implementation by trying we can be infinitely close to the search. At present, many people are aware of the importance of real-time search. The current implementation of the major search engines are dedicated to real-time search. The network environment will become more and more real-time, as long as the network technology, real time will continue to develop. Nowadays, the real-time network represented by Twitter has become one of the most popular Internet applications. The SNS site will become an important source of real-time search, but I China judgment may not produce such as Twitter and Facebook website (refers to the scale and influence), personal judgment micro-blog may become one of real-time search a new source source. At present, China real-time search is not mature, as far as I know love Shanghai only during the world cup, with sea by "Box Computing" technology and the Aladdin platform provides real-time information updates. It is reported that love Shanghai has integrated some reliable real-time information sources. But after it has been no real time search information. But there is news that the love of Shanghai ". read more

PR high weight chain construction on site in Shanghai Longfeng to avoid misunderstanding

three, see the age of the domain name

on the misunderstanding of construction site in Shanghai in Phoenix

, a website theme

two, see the site for PR and

In addition to

website optimization webmaster often need to send the chain or exchange Links, quantity and quality of the website chain keywords on the site’s ranking is very important. We go to the exchange Links and other sites, the first thing to consider is whether our website and other websites mendanghudui. We all love the high PR and high weight, that the weight high website nature can pass on to our website weight is good, so as to improve our web site keywords ranking. But in fact, high PR and high weight does not necessarily bring benefits to our website, and sometimes also affect the impression on our website search engine. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of Enterprise Station ranking down how to solve


content is king believe that this is the eternal topic of enterprise website, to stand in stable, does not fall, this is heavy. Search engines love the original fresh content, if you can search engine spiders every time, are able to crawl to the one and only content, then it will be more and more frequent. Frequent search engine spiders to your site, will also frequently updated snapshot, your website will increase, the overall quality of website will improve this website ranking will be more durable, not easily fall. read more

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