Month: May 2017

With these two restaurants can be brought back to life

not all entrepreneurs can easily get rich, nor is it so the food and beverage franchisee can be in this wealth of gold in a lot of gold and silver amoy. Want to ensure that the Nuggets food and beverage industry, it is necessary to master a certain business skills, small series teach you two strokes, restaurants can be transferred from deficit to profit!

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How to name a coffee shop

how to successfully run a shop, but it takes a lot of effort, and will involve a lot of work. But in many work, a good name, not only has the connotation of humanistic aesthetics is more complex, the rapid spread of the aesthetic connotation of interpersonal, and infected each other powerful radiation upgrade. So, if you want to successfully open a coffee shop, the good is the key. So, how to name the coffee shop?

, the name of a successful coffee shop, and must be consistent with the target customer positioning, consumption levels, and cafe business purposes, the style of decoration, decorative sofa, music lights all the details match. read more

Simple small projects to win big profits

with more and more people to start a business, a lot of good entrepreneurial projects, others have long been digging, fewer and fewer good projects, then, what good projects? The following Xiaobian for you to bring some seemingly simple, but it contains a huge profit of small projects!

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You must know the Western Restaurant

catering industry has a lot of entrepreneurial wealth direction can choose, for example, Western food is a good business channel. Sometimes Western-style food industry can give investors more entrepreneurial opportunities, there are many problems for those who want to engage in the project management Western-style food friends need to pay attention to, especially to do some business to open a shop, but Xiaobian that in addition to considering the project problems, various problems in the site must not ignore Western-style food stores therefore, Xiao Bian today focus on the location of this skill, give you a correct read more

Sports protective equipment ten brands list

movement this is a good thing, but if you do not do a good job of protection, it is easy to cause harm to the body, therefore, when the exercise also need to wear sports protective gear. The sports equipment market because of the needs of people also have a wealth of product lines. So, sports equipment to choose which brand is good? May wish to refer to the introduction of small series of sports protective equipment ten brands list.

sports protective equipment, the top ten brands NO.1, LP: the world’s leading brand of sports medicine, sports protection areas of the most widely used as one of the professional protective equipment, the general agent of young Sheng Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd.. read more

Men’s clothing store sales skills and techniques to pay attention to

clothing profits, especially men’s clothing, is to make money in the industry. Open a men’s shop, is a good choice for entrepreneurship. But men’s clothing store also need to pay attention to a lot of things, pay attention to sales skills, otherwise it is difficult to succeed. Men’s clothing store how to manage to have a higher popularity? What are the good selling skills and techniques of the shop assistants? Let’s take a look.

must not conflict with customers, the language should be positive! When a customer time especially critical of a dress, men’s clothing sales do not angry, don’t quarrel with him, it will intensify the contradiction, the customer to the opposite of their own, the worse, and may make all human resources the customer all become enemies of men’s clothing store. read more

Heyuan tribute tea price is not expensive taste good

along with the standard of living of consumers is getting better and better, the level of consumption is also constantly rising, the demand for the natural market is constantly rising. Heyuan tribute tea as a well-known brand in the industry, is the most popular fashion drinks in milk tea, with its unique taste, has been sought after by many young consumers. Join Heyuan tribute tea business, market stability, better business.

Heyuan tribute tea? The price is not expensive, good taste, high enjoyment for you, create a different tribute tea, Heyuan tea tribute by many franchisees attention. Heyuan tribute tea to join headquarters support, let Heyuan tribute tea franchisee wealth easily. read more

How to improve the performance of clothing stores

store performance is not good, will affect the development of businesses. So, we have to find ways to improve the performance of the store, so that the sustainable development of stores, access to large markets. Join the clothing store, the store business to do a good job. Store management perfect, it gives you a better development. So, how to improve the performance of the clothing store? The following can help you.

This is the owner of

, estimated that many shopkeepers have thought way, Xiaobian to recommend several methods to enhance the performance of the first to develop a plan today, there are plans will have a sense of purpose toward this goal every day, shop management should be systematic and objective, shop staff meetings every day, if the shift should be met in the form of the system account, so the store inventory will have errors, every day how many goals custom shop, let us toward this goal to finish the penalty or complete response to what rewards, so the penalty award to encourage people to struggle. read more

Household water purifier point of business methods which

household water purifier, the market is very large, for people to bring a healthy drinking water source, attracted more attention of customers. Open a water purifier shop, there is a big market, the development prospects are also very good, is a good entrepreneurial projects. For household water purifier business point of view which is the problem with everyone to understand.

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What are the reasons for investment in education and training franchise

investment has now become the first choice for young people to develop their own career, but now join the market Longshehunza project, as inexperienced entrepreneurs how to choose a good project prospect? Only in the market is worth investing in the project, such shops in the market want to get development will be simple! In the face of the uneven market of education and training to join the project, entrepreneurs how to choose, what education and training to join the project for entrepreneurs is to choose to be rich? Here, we must recommend education and training for everyone to join the store! Look at the following analysis!

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Secret network behind the red line

is now a net red all over the world time, red net recent highly sought after, and behind their red actually have a professional production line, people don’t know much, now Xiaobian for you to uncover the mystery.

28 year old Wang Xiang is a graphic model, with beautiful appearance and diligent in her self, micro-blog gained more than 360 thousand fans. Every day, she did most of the thing, is wearing a variety of styles, all kinds of fashionable dress, made into a photo or video, PO to see. read more

How much do you need to start a shop Ganmian skin fat

now what things are not just casually to fool the China people, even small pastry snacks also can fool. Along with the improvement of living standards Chinese people, people demand the dough this simple snacks taste more and more, we should have an understanding of the two fat wrapper brand, because of its star aura, so to attract a lot of attention to join investment. Then join the two fat Ganmian skin, we must first solve what problem? Of course it is two fat wrapper franchise fee problem. It now appears that the need to prepare 166 thousand yuan fee. So what is the specific cost of read more

How to enhance the sales of traditional retail electricity supplier encirclement

electricity supplier companies contend for a hundred schools, the competition is tragic, landing line; traditional retail struggling forward, trying to break through the extension line. There are intertwined online and offline, retail war intensified, who can be the first to lay the application scenarios and develop user habits, who will seize the initiative. The IBM, Chi Xin united and other companies have been committed to the research and practice in this area, has set up a number of smart shops scene, and is constantly exploring and improving. The perfect shopping scene

this is the shopping process in the construction of the wisdom of using mobile technology in the shop, and may be the opportunity to apply mobile intelligent technology to retail business unlimited, to build smart shops or traditional retail will be the new development engine. The technical realization of this scenario is no longer a problem in some areas and shops become a reality.

on the real operators, online and offline "double" does not mean the line just to become the online store display, which stores as the center of radiation to a certain extent, consumer services or products. read more

Li Shanyou entrepreneurs how to go their own way

understanding of a successful entrepreneur, how to know the way to success, often make your success easier. Li Shanyou recalled his own mistakes and pain points in the venture, and entrepreneurs how to go their own way.

, all around this to do, so focus point is this. If you read the EMBA will be very understanding, for example, two months after the course, I don’t know who, I will according to my course, find the most appropriate time lecturer, the most suitable entrepreneurs, we think that there is something added something inside. read more

Small businesses need to pay attention to several mistakes

venture requires a lot of capital investment, for a small number of people with little money can start from this project, low-cost investment for you to ease the financial pressure. Said the big profit, and for the low venture capital also need to pay attention to the following aspects.

small business venture, a quick break = a lot of money!

many small business owners and managers that a lot of money into the market, will certainly be able to hit out of the market. Breaking through the market is certainly not the money, but a lot of money is not the only and best solution. read more

These points need to be noted in the breakfast shop

in many of life’s motto, there is a sentence with today’s small series to introduce the topic, that is: the details determine success or failure. Many entrepreneurs want to open a breakfast shop, but when the real business process, they found that it is not easy to want to get a good consumer. So for this problem to make up for the small breakfast operators who put forward the following suggestions.

1, steamed buns to the hot air blowing over the street, because the smell of steamed stuffed bun is a breakfast shop invisible advertising. Like making a cake of 85 degrees is the use of this method. read more

How much to invest in a dry cleaning shop

how much do you need to invest in a dry cleaner? Many entrepreneurs are thinking about this problem. Now the development of the dry cleaning industry to allow people to invest in this industry enthusiasm. Xiaobian to sum up the answers to our questions, for reference only.

Dry cleaners

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Smoke cabinet installed on the exhaust fan is very good

cigarette cabinet is a cigarette shop to show the product to customers, so this product can play a special role. So, for cigarette customers, the smoke cabinet is like the eyes of the shop, the most attractive to customers. Under normal circumstances, the customer’s cigarette cabinet in the eye-catching position of the business place, such as the entrance of the shop door, next to the window, and some even put the cigarette cabinet outside the shop to attract customer attention, improve customer turnover rate. read more

2016 invited to participate in the thirty third Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition

said that although the business opportunity is indeed can be searched, but instead of a contact investigation, as well as through a related exhibition, at the same time can reach more brand, a more satisfactory business opportunities, and in related investment show have been to numerous investors certainly. If you are looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, then, may wish to participate in the thirty-third session of the Guangzhou franchise Franchise Exhibition 2016.

is looking for entrepreneurial projects you may wish to look at the thirty-third session of the 2016 Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition which has the most promising entrepreneurial projects, where you can choose entrepreneurship projects carefully selected for your project, it is helpful to find venture you read more

China entrepreneurship games ending black technology to rewrite the trend of motion photography


China entrepreneurial games, let more people feel the charm of technology products, feel the value of science and technology, in the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, hope that more young people to use their brains, strive to achieve their dreams.

2016 March 27th evening, organized by the dark horse group sponsored the third dark horse games at the University of Science and Technology Beijing gymnasium curtain. In this field, known as the China largest innovative entrepreneurs to participate in the 10 thousand sports meeting, ZMER HD panoramic camera movement has become a leading software development study on black technology. read more