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De Jong’s generosity rescues Sevilla

first_imgIt was the punishment deserved for a disastrous start of the second half and a gray first act, in which the three central system did not grant the opponent any chance but neither served to stalk the Cluj area. The grass was a good excuse, but perhaps it had more to do with the bad moment in the form of some sevillistas, mainly, its two lanes.But in Sevilla there are players with self-esteem that, even if they do not enter through the eye, they split their faces. It was the case of De Jong, who was once accompanied in attack by En Nesyri He threw the team on his back and was more than generous to give away the draw to the Moroccan in 83.He could even win Sevilla at the end but the score no longer moved. The conato of European tragedy ended with a good result for the return that does not frighten the clouds due to the bad moment of the Lopetegui’s game. The quality and generosity of Luuk de Jong saved Sevilla from a defeat in Romania that had deserved freehand for his ominous game. The team is going through a crisis of confidence that causes teams as limited as the Cluj, whose only weapon was to hang balls to the area from any part of the field, cause a state of anxiety that always ends up being reflected in the locker room. Goals1-0, 58 ‘: Deac, 1-1, 81 ‘: Youssef En-Nesyri And, for a change, the VAR was going to be the protagonist again in a Sevilla match. On this occasion without any controversy, unless it is counted as something similar to the controversy that the party delayed its start five minutes since the video arbitration system did not work. But it was fixed and go if it did, since in the 58th minute German Aytekin was advised to review some hands within the Sevilla area. And they couldn’t be clearer, since Koundé He jumped with one arm up in a natural position to dance Sevillanas in some booth of the April Fair but unnatural to play football. Deac’s penalty and goal, to which Vaclik guessed the direction of his shot But it was not enough to arrive.center_img ChangesYoussef En-Nesyri (72 ‘, Jesus Navas), Hoban (73 ‘, Constantin Paun-Alexandru), Marcos Lopes (77 ‘, Lucas Ocampos), Mario Rondón (82 ‘, Lacina Traore), Catalin Golofca (85 ‘, Omrani), Franco Vázquez (90 ‘, Suso) CardsReferee: Deniz AytekinVAR Referee: Daniel SiebertFernando (43 ‘, Yellow) Reguilón (67 ‘, Yellowlast_img read more

“The locker room takes everything the president says”

first_imgQuique Setién attended the media in the previous match that Barcelona will play against Eibar tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. -Will the match against Eibar look something like Getafe?-Each game is a new experience and they have a different analysis because the rivals propose different things. There are teams intense in pressure and you have to constantly study what the opponent does. We already assume that this team is going to try to push us up, because he likes to play in a rival field. We have been proposing things during the week to find solutions.-Messi has said that it is not enough to win the Champions League. Do you have that feeling?– There are things in which I agree and others in which I have seen how many Champions have won and I think we could have many options to win them as other teams may have. It is true that there are things to improve. We are not with everything but we are growing little by little and reaching levels that will allow us to compete with all teams.-The Barça, since its arrival, moves in institutional crisis. Does the stability of the club depend on what the team achieves?-There are many things you can think that affect us but in reality it is not so because we are focused on football issues. We are aware of what happens but I can assure you that it does not influence. We are focused on our goal, try to play well and enjoy the public and nothing else. The rest affects us little.What explanations did the president give them, did the dressing room take it for granted?Of course he considers everything the president says. I have not turned it over and with the captains we have not talked about it anymore. It is a subject that does not help us for what is not football. We leave it aside. The explanations are given and that’s it.-How did you see Braithwaite?-Surely in some game we will see it as a starter. It may be premature now. It comes in a state of suitable form but there are concepts and things that must be explained and that you must understand. It has come with enthusiasm, and we hope it helps us a lot. Definitely.-Can you play tomorrow even if you don’t start?-It’s possible.-Messi said he responded to Abidal because he felt attacked. Does it bother you that the air is aired publicly?-I own what I say and what I do. Sometimes differences happen that the ideal would always be to clarify them from you to you. But in the other things I do not enter because they are not things that affect me.– Messi also says that they easily disconnect from the matches.-We are very aware of the game we have left before facing the next three or four that will be important. And the first is Eibar. We have raised the game as if it were a final. Not only would it allow us to remain there. It would reinforce us for what is coming. As I always say, you have to do things right. And it won’t be an easy match.-He has had two clean weeks of work. It has helped? – These two weeks have been good because we have been able to work more, put more loads. But I already know the requirement. I know that I have to win every game here and play well. This is a process that may take a little longer, a little less, but I think that in all the games we have played well during times. But, except for Leganés day, we have not clearly resolved the matches. We have had the possibility of scoring many more goals and we also have the fact that we are generating less in each match. Although sometimes the feeling of danger may be higher in games against Getafe, they throw us quite a bit at the door.How do you plan to manage the issue of power plants?Either one that will play and be sanctioned will be a setback, but we have the other. What we are not going to risk is that it will happen to both of us. I have confidence in both players. The two can do well. I know the card will appear sometime and they will have to rest.When did you arrive, did you expect this volume of controversy?I have come to the best team in the world or the best. Tell me about positive things. They give me nothing. What I need is to focus on my players, convince them. Try to see what we propose in the field. The rest affects me little and I trust and perceive that the players either.Will you choose the centrals thinking about the Classic?Whoever plays tomorrow can play in Naples and at the Bernabéu. Sometimes I spend time without sleep because I have two players that are a little different and you don’t know which player is going to come best for you. Sometimes I don’t decide five minutes before, but almost.Have you asked Braithwaite?Martin is a player we had been following for some time. He is a player with conditions that will help us a lot. It is quite specific but can play in different positions and we have faith and confidence that it will help us. Not only is he a good footballer but his head works well and he is going to bring us many things.What should they improve more urgently?Everything is going more globally. This week we worked on the issue of pressure. Because Athletic already did it to us and these situations are going to be prepared by other teams. So we want to give players the tools to have a more key exit from the game. That has touched this week, but other weeks touch other concepts.To what extent can the Champions League condition the alignment?It is true that you have to take it into account but in principle I intend to win this match. And it is true that I have to take into account but of course we will not reserve anything that can help us to win this match.-Riqui Puig had a certain presence but has been losing prominence. Why?– I have already told you many times that I do not like to refer to a specific player because there are many players in the branch that are in the same position as Riqui. Earning space is not easy because they have to compete with players who are at a very high level. Riqui is doing it frankly well, like Collado, like Akieme, like Ronald Araujo. They potentially have conditions and are there. But another thing is that you consider taking out a professional who takes good. I hope to have margin. If the first staff relax, I will put them.Are you excited to debut in the Champions League?Sure, but first things first. We have a serious rival. There is hope for Tuesday to arrive. For me too. But first things first, worse Eibar and Mendilibar do things very well many years ago.What do you prefer, to be locked behind or come to look for you?The truth is that I am indifferent. Maybe they better wait for you back, I don’t know. Or that they squeeze you and find spaces. In both circumstances, the team is able to solve many situations. Although all have their difficulties.last_img read more

The stars already look at Tokyo 2020: Ramos, Neymar, Mbappé …

first_imgThe case of Kylian Mbappé (Paris, 21 years old) is similar to that of his partner Neymar in the PSG. He wants to play the Olympics and the European Championship with France. If he did, he would not have rest during the summer and could return to the discipline of the Parisian club with fatigue or injury. The president of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët, has made clear his intention to summon Mbappé, backed by the player himself. Although the PSG is not obliged to yield to the striker for the Olympics, not allowing him to travel to Tokyo can subject the club to eventual discrediting throughout the country. The final position of the team is yet to be known. Mohamed Salah (Egypt) Mohamed Salah (Gharbia, 27 years old) is the top reference in the selection of Egypt. Therefore, his name sounds to be the spearhead of the team that will play the Olympic Games. The Egyptian coach, Shawky Gharib, has praised Salah’s game, but it has not been clear with his eventual participation in the Japanese fair. But besides being the idol of the Egyptians, Salah is also one of the key figures of Liverpool led by the German Jürgen Klopp. If the left-hander travels to Tokyo with the Olympic team, he would miss the preseason with the English team. Some British media predict an eventual confrontation between Liverpool and Egypt in case of reaching such a scenario. Salah’s presence in Tokyo, however, remains unconfirmed.Thomas Müller (Germany) Neymar (Sao Paulo, 28 years old) has already won the Olympic gold with the Brazil national team in Rio 2016. However, the federation has initiated contacts to make the PSG star be the champion of the football team in the Tokyo tournament . The president of the institution, Rogerio Caboclo, has already spoken with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, president of the Parisian team, to convince him to free Neymar for the Olympians. But the PSG faces several scenarios: that the Brazilian has expressed his desire to also play the Copa América, which would lead to greater wear; and that another of his referents, Kylian Mbappé, has shown his willingness to dispute the Olympics with France. The team’s response is still pending.Sergio Ramos (Spain) At the end of 2019, the name of Sergio Ramos (Camas, 33 years old) began ringing to reinforce the Spanish Olympic team. In case the Real Madrid defender wants to travel to Tokyo, he will have the authorization already expressed by Zinedine Zidane. His obstacle, however, is the coach, Luis de la Fuente. Although the coach has said that he does not close the door to anyone, he is expected to opt for Fabián Ruiz and Dani Ceballos as two insurances, and that the third choose between Pablo Fornals, Mikel Merino or Marc Roca. Although Ramos is among the shortlisted and, for now, there is nothing defined.Kylian Mbappé (France)center_img Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martínez (Bahía Blanca, 22 years old) is one of the players who, it is hoped, will travel to the Tokyo Olympics to reissue the gold that the Argentine national team already won at the 2008 Beijing and Athens 2004 Games The albiceleste team was crowned champion of the Colombian pre-Olympic tournament last February 9 without several of its great figures that, however, are expected to have a quota on the flight to Japan. Among them, apart from Martínez, are Ezequiel Palacios (from Bayer Leverkusen), Juan Foyth (Tottenham Hotspur) and Nico Domínguez (Bologna).Vinicius, Rodrigo and Reinier (Brazil)The search for the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Rogerio Caboclo, for the Tokyo Games is not limited to Neymar alone. His efforts are also advanced in the awnings of Real Madrid, where he plays a powerful trio that can provide the Brazilian Olympic team with special power in Japan: Vinicius (Rio de Janeiro, 19 years), Rodrygo (Sao Paulo, 19 years) and Reinier (Brasilia, 18 years old). The absence of the three can be a problem for Zinedine Zidane in Madrid, who will not be able to count on them at the beginning of the League if they go to the Olympics. In addition, they would also not have a summer vacation to prepare their participation in the Games. The wall of 23 years as the maximum age to participate in any of the football teams at the Tokyo Olympics has a crack: the possibility of including three players who were born before January 1, 1997 in the summoned group For that crack fit, among others, Neymar, Thomas Müller and Mohamed Salah. But the road has other obstacles for stars such as Argentina’s Lautaro Martínez or Frenchman Kylian Mbappé. The two, with 22 and 21 years, respectively, can have a quota in their selections. However, the dates of the Olympic football tournament (July 2 to August 9) are very close to the Copa América (June 18 to July 7) and the Eurocup (June 12 to July 12), tournaments in those who also hope to participate. Clubs have the obligation, as a rule of FIFA, to allow their players to participate in both fair jousts, but not in the Olympics. Despite that, more than one star has its head on Tokyo. We review the situation of eleven of them.Neymar (Brazil) Bayern Munich striker Thomas Müller (Weilheim, 30) is one of the players whom Stefan Kuntz, coach of the German Olympic team, wants to take to Tokyo 2020. Vetoed by the coach of the absolute team, Joachim Löw, the Bavarian player sees in the Olympics the possibility of re-dressing the Germanic coat. The attacker himself, in an interview with the German portal Sport1, on January 13, said it would be “cool” to travel to Japan with the Kuntz team, who sees in Müller an experienced and veteran player.Lautaro Martínez (Argentina)last_img read more

Adrián Ortolá only conceded one goal in the last four games

first_imgFor a while now, Tenerife is beginning to find that defensive solidity that is allowing it to score points and move away from the relegation zone. And had it not been for a penalty (indicated by the VAR) against Real Oviedo in ’87, the Blue and Whites’ goal would have been immaculate in the last month. Is that Adrián Ortolá has not fitted in three of the last four games.It is at Heliodoro where this difference is beginning to be noticed: against Rayo Vallecano, the duel ended without goals, a week later, Elche could not overcome the island goal despite being one of the most effective teams. Then came the aforementioned match against Oviedo at Carlos Tartiere and last week it was Ponferradina who could not get it right. “A goal to zero means that you score at least. You like adding three by three, but a draw is also good. The equipment is more compact and solid. In defense, we appreciate it because we will have more options to win “, Ortolá commented a few days before the suspension of soccer due to the Coronavirus.The statistics also reflect that The Tenerife goalkeeper is among the ten who have made the most stops so far in competition. The Alicante has made 74 saves, still very far from the 114 of Edgar Badía. The reading, however, is positive since the Blue and Whites are no longer shooting as much as before.Since the arrival of Rubén Baraja, the team has had a bit of bleeding to concede goals. It took a bit, but with the passing of the matches, the improvement began to show thanks, among other things, the good moment that Alberto Jiménez and Sipcic are going through, the two fixed and immovable centrals.last_img read more

Peiró’s record: the athlete who won and scored in all the finals

first_imgBut there is some curious information in his history at Atlético. He twice scored four goals. One to Betis and the other … to Seville. In the match against Betis he scored twice the goal of the lame, since he had been injured. On five occasions he scored a treble.Another curiosity is that never took a penalty. None of his 127 goals were scored from the penalty spot. In the Recopa marked 1-1 against Fiorentina and did not fail in the tiebreaker either. The rojiblancos won by 3-0, with goals from Jones, Mendonça and Peiró. Joaquín Peiró keeps a beautiful record at Atlético. Peiró, who died this Wednesday at the age of 84, is the only footballer in the history of the Madrid club to win and score a goal in the finals played. Greyhound of the Metropolitan marked in the two Cup finals (1959-60 and 60-61) against Real Madrid and also in that of the Recopa de Europa against Fiorentina, in 1962. He scored in both, because in the first there was a tiebreaker game and a second had to be played. It was Atlético’s first European title. In the first Cup final in Chamartín Atlético beat Real Madrid 3-1. They marked Collar, Jones and Peiró. It was the first cupbearer title in the history of Atlético. A year later, the final was repeated and the Chamartín stadium returned to attend a new rojiblanco victory. This time Atlético won 3-2, with a double by Peiró and both by Mendonça.last_img read more

Barclays Premier League Reviews

first_imgBarclays Premier League ReviewsJohn LeyCRYSTAL PALACE 1 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 3GOALS:- PALACE: VERTONGHEN OG 30th. TOTTENHAM: KANE 63rd; ALLI 84th; CHADLI 90th.Dele Alli scored a wonder goal to put Tottenham into fourth place in the Barclays Premier League. Jan Vertonghen turned Wilfried Zaha’s cross into his own net to put Palace ahead, but Harry Kane levelled. Then Alli flicked the ball over his head before volleying Spurs into the lead, while Nacer Chadli netted a late third.LEICESTER CITY 3 STOKE CITY 0GOALS:- LEICESTER: DRONKWATER 42nd; VARDY 66th; ULLOA 87th.Leicester moved three points clear at the top of the Barclays Premier League on Saturday with an impressive win over Stoke. Danny Drinkwater gave Leicester the lead before Jamie Vardy ended his goal drought of 10 hours and 17 minutes and Leonardo Ulloa completed their 13th win of the season.MANCHESTER UNITED 0 SOUTHAMPTON 1GOAL:- SOUTHAMPTON: AUSTIN 87th.Southampton substitute Charlie Austin scored the winner to punish lacklustre Manchester United at Old Trafford. Austin, signed last weekend from Queens Park Rangers, rose to head home an 87th minute free-kick. At the end, United manager Louis van Gaal and his players were booed off.NORWICH CITY 4 LIVERPOOL 5GOALS:- NORWICH: MBOKAI 29th; NAISMITH 41st; HOOLAHAN PEN 54th; BASSONG 90th. LIVERPOOL: FIRMINO 18th, 63rd; HENDERSON 55th; MILNER 75th; LALLANA 90th.Liverpool come back from 3-1 down to steal a dramatic last-minute winner from Adam Lallana. Roberto Firmino put Liverpool ahead, but Dieumerci’s Mbokani levelled before debutant Steven Naismith put the home side in front. Wes Hoolahan added a penalty, before Jordan Henderson and Firmino struck. James Milner put the away side ahead and though Sebastien Bassong netted in added time, Lallana delivered a twist.SUNDERLAND 1 AFC BOURNEMOUTH 1GOALS:- SUNDERLAND VAN AANHOLT 45th. BOURNEMOUTH: AFOBE 13th.Patrick van Aanholt scored for the second game in a row as Sunderland came from behind to draw against relegation rivals Bournemouth. The visitors dominated the opening half-hour and took the lead through Benik Afobe’s diving header. But Sunderland hit back through Van Aanholt, who collected Fabio Borini’s through ball and shot past Artur Boruc.WATFORD 2 NEWCASTLE UNITED 1GOALS:- WATFORD: IGHALO 46th; CATHCART 58th. NEWCASTLE: LASCELLES 71st.Odion Ighalo rediscovered his scoring touch as Watford won their first league game in six. The Nigerian striker went into the game without a goal since 28 December, but finally claimed his 14th of the season when he beat the offside trap to slot in Troy Deeney’s through ball. He then set up Craig Cathcart, who drove in the second from six yards. Newcastle’s Jamaal Lascelles headed home in the 71st minute to set up a tense finish.WEST BROMWICH ALBION 0 ASTON VILLA 0Aston Villa avoided defeat for a third successive Barclays Premier League match as they held neighbours West Bromwich Albion in an uninspiring stalemate. Villa could have been awarded a first-half penalty when Jordan Ayew appeared to be fouled by Albion defender Jonas Olsson. Albion failed to register a single shot on target, although Craig Dawson headed over and Stephane Sessegnon slashed wide after the break.WEST HAM UNITED 2 MANCHESTER CITY 2GOALS:- WEST HAM: VALENCIA 1st, 56th. CITY: AGUERO PEN 9th, 81st.Manchester City lost ground on Barclays Premier League leaders Leicester City as Sergio Aguero scored twice to rescue a draw at West Ham. Enner Valencia struck from inside the area after 53 seconds for the Hammers, but Aguero equalised with a penalty after he had been fouled. The hosts regained the lead when Valencia capitalised on hesitant defending by Nicolas Otamendi to stab in. However, Aguero struck from 10 yards late on to earn his side a point.last_img read more

Oral Tracey: We cannot handle success

first_imgThe Caribbean people and the Jamaican people, in particular, must be among the most talented, most creative and most resilient people in the entire world. On the few occasions when we have managed to put our collective energies together, we have been unstoppable. We seem, however, to have some serious and crippling flaws in our character, which make it most challenging for us to actually unite consistently for any meaningful cause. One such cause, West Indies cricket, has long been a victim of this debilitating fractiousness. The recent and ongoing controversy raging across the region – ironically ignited by the recent success of the regional cricket teams – the direction the rhetoric is going, poignantly highlights some of these fundamental flaws. The term ‘crab in a barrel’ has often been used to describe people who tend to pull down the progressive ones in their midst instead of supporting and encouraging their success. That is exactly what’s been playing out since the recent success of the West Indies team – in the glorious moments when the Caribbean people should be enjoying the unprecedented success of our Under-19 team, our women’s T20 team and our men’s T20 team all simultaneously boasting the status of world champions. Instead of celebrating and appreciating these rare and precious moments, the rhetoric has been toxic and the energies concentrated in the cause of tearing down the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and getting rid of its Jamaican president, Mr Dave Cameron. It is nothing short of ironic that the catalyst for this ongoing bickering was indeed our success. The incessant calls for the blood of Cameron in the instant of the region’s most successful on-field run in close to three decades, I think, merits some in-depth sociological and anthropological research. So many among us seem so willing to subscribe to the fickle notion that winning these world titles was achieved in spite of the administrators, and not because of them, implying therefore that now is as good a time as any to launch the ‘anti-WICB attacks’. Pettiness, maliciousness It would be understandable if this attitude emanated from some lofty and noble pursuit of a higher standard of consistency of excellence from our players and administrators, but the inherent pettiness and tone of maliciousness in the attacks, specifically against the board president, implies a complex and inexplicable personal dislike which defies rational discourse. In what is supposed to be one of our proudest moments, we have degenerated to our divisive worst. Not long ago, I was way down the wicket, in terms of my personal resignation to the fatal demise of West Indies cricket as an institution, after repeatedly witnessing and living the embarrassment of some stinging recent defeats in Tests and one-day internationals. Then came T20 and the near-immediate compatibility of this new format with the natural athleticism, pace and power of the average Caribbean cricketer. Flames of hope were rekindled when the West Indies went on to win the world T20 in 2012. Then came the men’s team and then the women’s team of 2016 and the historic double, as the flames were now fully ablaze. But just for a fleeting moment. Instead of gratitude and satisfaction, bickering has become the order of the day with past and current players leading the way, with the proverbial angry mob behind them. Misinformation and half-truths have permeated the air, as personal agendas have taken charge. Lost in the quagmire is another potentially inspirational and motivational gem, transformed instead into another opportunity to self-destruct. Despite the obvious redemptive value of T20 to the region’s cricket, we appear destined to drop the catch, as apparently we cannot handle success.last_img read more

New Zealand end Australia winning streak at Netball World Cup

first_img Both teams were unchanged heading into the second quarter as the Bajan Gems’ goal shooter, Shonica Wharton, proved an essential target for Barbados in the goal circle. Trinidad & Tobago’s shooter, Wallace, steadied her side and levelled the score early in the quarter, and from there, it was a goal-for-goal tussle as neither side could establish dominance, with the half-time score 23-21 in the Calypso Girls’ favour. Barbados’ Sheniqua Thomas was introduced into goal attack at the start of the second half, as the Calypso Girls established a break of seven goals early in the quarter, with goal attack Joelisa Cooper making her presence felt, but pressure from Barbados meant the margin was reduced to five, with Trinidad and Tobago leading 38-33 at the end of three quarters. The Bajan Gem’s Faye Sealy replaced the injured Wharton late in the final term, but the Calypso Girls were able to punish Barbados for errors, converting on the scoreboard and winning the fourth quarter 17-6. Trinidad & Tobago’s Onella Jack felt the tough matches against Australia and New Zealand prepared them for the win. “It means a lot because, mostly, either Barbados will beat us or we will beat Barbados, so today’s win means a lot to us,” she said. Jamaica, the other Caribbean team in the tournament, played Scotland on Monday (last night local time) in a match to determine the second team to advance from Pool B with England. ESSENTIAL TARGET New Zealand broke Australia’s 21-match winning streak with a hard-fought five-goal win in front of a world-record crowd at Allphones Arena yesterday. A total of 16,233 fans flocked to Sydney Olympic Park for the much-anticipated trans-Tasman clash, with the Silver Ferns winning 52-47 in an electric atmosphere. The match sets the scene for a dramatic week ahead, as teams head into the next stage of competition on Tuesday (tonight local time). In other Day Three action, Wales made it two from two, triumphing 71-44 over Zambia, while Trinidad & Tobago defeated Caribbean rivals Barbados 55-39. England also continued their strong performance with a comprehensive 85-34 win over Samoa, while Malawi took home the points from their battle with Singapore, winning 75-31. In the all-Caribbean matchup, world No. 10 Trinidad & Tobago overcame the ninth-ranked Barbados yet again, at the World Cup. Trinidad and Tobago’s Calypso Girls had defeated the Bajan Gems twice in their previous three encounters in World Cup history and managed to extend their lead in head-to-head battles with their rivals by one more. Allphones Arena was treated to a feast of Caribbean-style netball, with physical challenges, clashes, deflections, and intercepts. The matchup between Calypso Girls’ shooter, Samantha Wallace, and the Bajan Gems’ goal keeper, Shonette Bruce, was crucial, as Barbados were able to capitalise on errors from Trinidad & Tobago to lead 13-10 at the first quarter, despite two stunning intercepts from Trinidad & Tobago’s Onella Jack.last_img read more

Walcott slams disunity in T&T’s Rio camp

first_imgRIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (CMC): Trinidad and Tobago’s Olympic champion Keshorn Walcott has criticised a lack of team spirit and unity within the T&T camp during the just ended games in Brazil. The javelin thrower had to settle for bronze, T&Ts only medal in Rio, after stunning the world in London four years ago when he became the second Trinidadian to win Olympic gold. Walcott threw the javelin a distance of 85.38 metres on Saturday after German Thomas Rohler who won gold with a top throw of 90.30m, while Kenyan Julius Yego took silver with an effort of 88.24m “We did not do so well as a team this year because honestly, for my part, we were not a team. We did not come together as a unit as in 2012,” complained Walcott. “I was young in 2012 and I was one of the younger ones and I saw the gelling of the team, but here it was not like that”. Without calling names, the 23-year-old athlete told reporters “the heads” and not the athletes are the ones to be blamed for the lack of unity in the team this year. Walcott’s comments come as the country’s Chef de Mission Dr Ian Hypolite faces public criticism for his role as an analyst on ESPN during the games. “I would not say it was the athletes, I would have to say it was the heads. You need to be able to understand that for a team to be able to perform properly you need to bring them together,” said Walcott. “It is the environment. When you as a team do not feel everybody is together (it) is like everybody is just concentrating on their own”. Walcott is not due to return to Trinidad and Tobago until early September as a result of two international engagements- the Paris leg of the Diamond League on Saturday before travelling to Zurich in Switzerland to compete on September 1. ‘HEADS’ TO BLAMElast_img read more

WI Women ‘disappointed’ after conceding series

first_imgWest Indies Women lost against England Women by five wickets in their fifth and final one-day international (ODI) cricket encounter at Sabina Park yesterday, which in the process allowed the visitors to claim a 3-2 series victory.In what was a less-than-ideal batting display, West Indies Women, after winning the toss, were bowled out for a modest 155 in 47.1 overs, with England replying with 158 for five off 38.5 overs.Leading the batting charge for the West Indies was talismanic opener and joint Player of the Series, Stafanie Taylor, who in recording her third half-century of the series, a well-played 57, made most runs for the regional women.Middle-order batter, Britney Cooper, 23, and opener Hayley Matthews, 22, were the next best scorers against Player of the Match and the other joint Player-of-the-Series, left-arm spinner Alex Hartley, who took four for 24.The English, in pursuit of the victory target, were led by an unbeaten 58 from frontline batter Natalie Sciver.This was in addition to knocks of 34 from opener Tammy Beaumont and 29 from captain Heather Knight.”It’s disappointing that we were not able to pull it off, but this is what happens when you don’t show up,” said Taylor. “We had backed ourselves to get a total closer to 200, but that did not happen and it gave them a low total to chase.”But, overall, I am proud of the effort of the girls in the series, and it is for us to learn from this experience going forward.”Knight, in the meantime, praised the fight shown by her charges throughout the series.”It was tough series, but we always knew we had what it take to come out on top,” Knight said. ”It was all about application and in the final match I thought we did that brilliantly.”LEAPFROGGED COMPETITIONThe result also ensured that the English leapfrogged the regional women in the multi-year eight-team ICC Women’s Championship, which also serves as a qualifier for next year’s International Cricket Council (ICC) Women’s World Cup.England are now on 23 points, one more than the West Indies heading into their final set of matches next month.The West Indies will next play away to India, while England are scheduled to travel to Sri Lanka.World champions and early qualifiers Australia, on 30 points, lead the standings with New Zealand fourth on 20 and South Africa next on 17.The top four teams at the end of the championship, which offers two points for a win and one for a no-result, will automatically advance to the World Cup, with the other four down to contest a play-off series with two ICC Associate member countries.SCOREBOARDWEST INDIES WOMENH Matthews c Hartley b Elwiss 22S Quintyne c wkp Jones b Brunt 1*S Taylor st Jones b Hartley 57D Dottin c Sciver b Hartley 15+M Aguilleira c Sciver b Hartley 6B Cooper c Winfield b Brunt 23S Campbelle c Marsh b Hartley 4S King st Jones b Brunt 12A Fletcher lbw b Knight 2A Mohammed c Brunt b Knight 2S Connell not out 4Extras (lb4, w3) 7TOTAL (all out, 47.1 overs) 155Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Quintyne, 2.4 overs), 2-29 (Matthews, 11.1), 3-66 (Dottin, 22.1), 4-76 (Aguilleira, 26.3), 5-114 (Cooper, 37), 6-131 (Campbelle, 40.3), 7-137 (Taylor, 42.3), 8-148 (King, 44.5), 9-148 (Fletcher, 45.1), 10-155 (Mohammed, 47.1)Bowling: Brunt 9-1-35-3 (w1), Sciver 4-0-11-0, Gunn 5-1-18-0 (w1), Elwiss 3-1-11-1, Marsh 10-0-29-0, Hartley 10-1-24-4 (w1), Knight 6.1-0-23-2.ENGLAND WOMENL Winfield c King b Matthews 12T Beaumont c & b Fletcher 34*H Knight c wkp Aguilleira b Fletcher 29N Sciver not out 58D Wyatt c Cooper b Mohammed 12G Elwiss b Dottin 5+A Jones not out 4Extras (w4) 4TOTAL (5 wkts, 38.5 overs) 158Did not bat: K Brunt, J Gunn, L Marsh, A Hartley.Fall of wickets: 1-33 (Winfield, 8 overs), 2-56 (Beaumont, 16.1), 3-112 (Knight, 28.1), 4-133 (Wyatt, 33.5), 5-151 (Elwiss, 38).Bowling: Connell 3-0-15-0, Matthews 8-0-33-1, Dottin 4-0-23-1 (w3), Fletcher 10-2-28-2, Mohammed 6.5-0-32-1, Taylor 5-0-22-0, Quintyne 2-0-5-0.Result: England Women won by five wickets.Series: England won five-match series 3-2.Points: England Women 2, West Indies Women 0.Player-of-the-match: Alex Hartley.Umpires: G Brathwaite, N Duguid.last_img read more