“I went out at night; I didn’t want Ramos to start like this …”


first_imgDarío Silva acknowledges that Ramos made him a strong marking outside the field: “He controlled me, I saw that he controlled me to see if I continued for my house. I entered for my house but of course then at the roundabout I turned, I waited for a little while … When I saw that the lights were on in the house, I already knew that it had gone up, that I was going up the stairs, so I would go out in my car and leave. The next day he saw me and said: ‘What a pestilence you have, you can see that you went out last night!’ ‘I didn’t, I was at home now, before I left, I took a drink.’ And I always cheated him, trapdoors. “ Darío Silva, former player of Sevilla, Málaga and Espanyol, among others, stars in the next program of The Movistar Others. It will be broadcast on January 7 (10:00 p.m.), but Movistar + has offered an advance where the former leader He talks about his relationship with Sergio Ramos, with whom he agreed in Seville from 2003 to 2005, and how he tried to keep him from the “dangers” of the night.“He was young, I went out at night. I didn’t want him to start that way. Let’s see the night, maybe alcohol, women because women are more and more beautiful when you’re famous … “, begins by explaining Darío Silva. “He wanted to stick to me and I said no. I said: ‘I can’t, we can’t go out, I’m not going out.’ ‘How not? If everyone is going to leave.’ Sure, I had to take him to House”, says the Uruguayan, who in addition to being a partner was the oficial official driver ’of the now captain of Real Madrid who at that time had no driving license.last_img

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