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One family lost four out of five children to drug addiction

first_img Short URL Tuesday 29 Nov 2016, 8:30 PM 14,757 Views THE MINISTER IN charge of the national drugs strategy has called on communities to take control and report drug dealing at a local level.Speaking to reporters earlier today, Catherine Byrne said her own community in Inchicore had been “ravaged” by drugs.She expressed particular concern about young people who are being “sucked in” and asked to distribute drugs at local level or citywide.“We all have a responsibility to do as much as we can to stop criminal activity, particularly targeting young people, because when you’re at a vulnerable young age – as young as 12 now – you can be targeted.”Byrne also spoke of young people being intimidated by gangs because one of their siblings is an addict or a dealer. 12 Comments Image: Leah Farrell/ Share7 Tweet Email1 center_img ‘One family lost four out of five children to drug addiction’ Members of the public are being urged to report drug dealing in their area. “Young people who have never been involved in any kind of drugs before, any kind of issue around drugs and they may be targeted because they’re in a group of people.”Drugs are killing an awful lot of young people in our communities. I can tell you one family in my own has lost four members of their family, out of five children this person has lost four members. There’s too many parents and grandparents rearing children now because family members have passed away of addiction and I think we need to be conscious all the time.Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll, who also spoke today as Crimestoppers highlighted its anonymous ‘Dial to Stop Drug Dealing’ line, said gardaí would not have achieve many of the results they have had without the help of communities.So far in 2016, 104 calls have been made to the confidential phone line. As a result of calls last year, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, cannabis, and firearms were seized and a number of people were charged with possession for sale and supple.Sometimes people give information in relation to something which they think is fairly minor, but it could actually lead to a very significant results. By and large, clearly a lot of the information will relate to those who are dealing on the street. But it could be the missing link for us in getting to someone who is further up the chain.“Remember the people who are involved in drug selling, are the people who are involved in the death, that arises from drug use, all the implications in terms of abandoned needles and social problems within the area,” O’Driscoll said.“All these people who you read about today who are major drug dealers, started off at one time as small dealers and that is how you prevent this problem from continuing at the pace that it has developed over recent years.”Members of the public concerned about dealing in their area, can contact the Dial to Stop Drug Dealing line confidentially on 1800 25 00 25. Read: Two dozen people arrested by gardaí in major drugs sweep>Read: Man arrested after cannabis and cocaine worth €250,000 is seized> Nov 29th 2016, 8:30 PM By Michelle Hennessy Image: Leah Farrell/ Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Church of Scientology cleaning up needles on Dublins Sheriff Street

first_img 95 Comments Church of Scientology cleaning up needles on Dublin’s Sheriff Street The church has said it was welcomed by locals when volunteers visited recently to plant flowers. Apr 24th 2017, 12:01 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 29,768 Views Image: Church of Scientology National Affairs Office By Michelle Hennessy Share428 Tweet Email1 Image: Church of Scientology National Affairs Office Short URL THE CHURCH OF Scientology has been cleaning up and planting flowers around Dublin’s Sheriff Street.It is understood members of the church have made a number of visits to the inner city area, which hit the headlines last year after a number of gangland killings. In a report on one such visit, seen by, campaigns director for the church’s national affairs office, Jerry Alred said locals have welcomed them, coming out of their homes to watch them plant flowers.“Every week that we come to clean there are some older gentlemen standing in front of the church and they welcome us and smile. There are a lot of nice people in Sheriff Street. Sheriff Street itself looks a mess and needs another clean up.”He said groups from the church have been to the inner city street “at least six or seven days” and have removed “almost two hundred bags of rubbish easily” from the area.Alred told that volunteers had been “clearing up rubbish, picking up needles and planting some flowers”.He said Dublin City Council had provided planters for them to fill. The council said its central area office has liased with any residents or voluntary organisations willing to do cleanups of local areas.“Dublin City Council would provide litter picking tools, refuse sacks and planters/flowers at various locations across the central area if any interest was shown,” it said in a statement.“In April 2017 the City Council provided litter picking tools and planters/flowers to the Sheriff Street area following a request from a voluntary organisation (Foundation for a Drug Free World) in support of a local clean up.”Foundation for a Drug Free World is a division of the Church of Scientology.The church opened its national affairs office in Dublin last year at 4 Merrion Square.  Its website says it is designed as a centre for the church’s outreach across Ireland.It was modelled after the office in Washington which it says was established to “facilitate cooperation between American political and cultural leaders and the church’s social and humanitarian missions”.The church’s registered company here, which has failed to gain religious or charitable status, recorded a profit of €48, 803 in Ireland last year.Its website says it coordinates a number of campaigns here, including efforts to battle drug addiction, improve scholastic performance and educational opportunities for children, and reduce crime and prison recidivism.Read: The Irish Church of Scientology returned to profit last year>Read: Ireland’s blasphemy laws unlikely to prevent Louis Theroux’s Scientology film from being released here> Monday 24 Apr 2017, 12:01 AMlast_img read more

METALSHARK BRO is Your Number One Comic for Shark Week

first_img Keto Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Car KeysCovert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your Pocket Stay on target Hello team METALSHARK BRO! Thank you so much for talking to us at Geek! For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little bit about yourself for our readers?BOB: My name is Bob Frantz. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio by way of Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’ve been writing comics and self-publishing comics since 2009. My first published work was a 4 issue, all ages mini-series released by Action Lab Entertainment called “Monty the Dinosaur.” Kevin and I started writing together in 2016. We have one published work together (last year’s IF Anthology from Alterna Comics)and have self-published two other books. Impressive, right. Ha!KEVIN: I’m a single dad with custody, a podcaster, and a writer. I am originally from Queens, NY but I now reside in Williamsburg, VA. I’m never sure how much or how little to write in these blurbs, no one wants to know my favorite color or that I spend late nights pondering washable crayons, the number forty-two and Quantum physics.WALT: I was a latchkey kid when I was growing up.  The only things I had waiting for me when I got home were some pop-tarts and G.I. Joes.  I’d devour those heavenly pastries and get to work on creating an elaborate story for my Joes.  Secret agents, master plans, sneak attacks, and even relationships for them.  I’ve always loved telling stories and I’ve tried multiple mediums.  Music, screenplays, movies, acting, and finally comics. Comics allowed me to explore all the stories I wanted to tell. No limits. I’ve since created 3 of my own personal IPS with Shiver Bureau, Cubicles, and Haxor.via KickstarterNow, for what we’ve all been waiting for, tell us ALL about METALSHARK BRO!BOB: METALSHARK BRO is Off the coast of Bali, a shark swims along and casually looks for his next meal. Beelzbra, the douchey nephew of Satan, interrupts this tranquil life to transform the fish into an anthropomorphic shark with a penchant for brutal murder. You know, the natural origin of most heroes. However, the arrogant little demon promises to return Metalshark Bro to his “normal” shark form upon the collection of nine cursed souls. However, the “return” Beelzbra promised doesn’t happen. Naturally, our hero vows revenge against his treacherous maker. Our anti-hero chases Belzbra through time and reality, battling necromancers, zombie soldier on mastodon skeletons, a corrupt priest, and his army ninja nuns. The craziness just goes on and on.This honestly has to be one of the most insane Kickstarters ever. Sharks and Metal? Wicked. You tell us a little bit on the Kickstarter page how METALSHARK BRO got started when you heard a radio DK talking about scientists playing AC/DC for sharks? Can you tell us a little more about that? Was the rest of the team as deeply devoted to the project the minute you told them about it?BOB: There isn’t much more to tell. I was driving back to Cincinnati after a fun con weekend. It was early. I was punch drunk and half asleep and I heard the story about the sharks, and it was like a bomb went off in my head. Called Kevin (because I knew he would be up for his day job) giggling like a child. I could barely relay the story to Kevin. I was so weak. After about two or three minutes I managed to get it out. Kevin was excited. I think it was contagious or we were both exhausted (Kevin was at the con as well) and feeling extra silly.Anyway, we just started brainstorming. AND METALSHARK BRO WAS BORN!!!!! I mean, if it wasn’t for the DJ in Richmond, Va reading that news story then this unholy terror wouldn’t be. This weekend jock on a classic rock station made the world a better place. We should build him a statue or something.via KickstarterHow long did it take you and Kevin to develop the story from the initial idea? Did you both immediately know you wanted to work with Walter [Ostile] for art, Shawn [Greenleaf] for letters/editor and Chas [Pangburn] for editor when you started to develop?BOB: The drive from Hampton, Virginia to Cincinnati is about 9 hours. I was on the phone with Kevin workshopping and brainstorming this thing for most of it. By the time I got home, We had the first arc mapped out.As for the rest of the team, We had worked with Shawn in the past. He is a good editor/letterer/designer. He’s a jack of all trades and a good dude. Chas was a dude I knew from Twitter. I knew he was a dope editor and we had talked about working together. So this seemed like the perfect time.Now Walt is the man. Kevin and I have been fans of Walt’s work for some time and were looking for a book to do together. The metal gods smiled upon us when Walt’s schedule opened up. We pitched Walt, he liked it, and here we are! HERE WE ARE!!!You guys seem to be having an absolute blast with METALSHARK BRO. It looks SO gnarly and brutal. It also shows what the medium of comics can do. Was that what you were going for in making this comic? Pushing the boundaries a little, while just having fun with your friends and making comics?KEVIN: We were just going for different. We were going for so silly it’s dumb, but we will take gnarly, brutal and other much cooler adjectives over my less exciting ones.Bob and I always have fun working together, whether it’s on Word Bros. Or making comics our work style is similar, so it’s all fun until it comes time to pitch.When you add Walter to that mix, it’s just three guys sitting in different areas of the country having a blast throwing ideas back and forth until we can cultivate the best ones.WALT: With a title like Metalshark Bro, the art really has to deliver on the promised ridiculousness. There’s a freedom though, knowing that you can really push it as far as you want. Not just towards the brutal metal aspect, but the silly side of things. Bob and Kevin are open to suggestions and giving my room to explore my stupid fun side. I mean I gave a flying eyeball a bowler hat and put beard stubble on a sharkman. They didn’t even blink.via KickstarterWalter, what was the process like for you to take Kevin and Bob’s script and turn into something so hardcore?WALT: It’s been great. They want to make this comic as metal as possible, and I’ve been able to add all kinds of craziness on top of what was already insane. It’s, dare I say, ludicrous. We know there isn’t any restrictions. We get to push it as far as we can image and that freedom makes my inner child shred the most killer 10-minute solo ever shredded.There are some killer rewards for your Kickstarter, including pins and copies of the physical and digital. What are some other stellar goodies that backers will be able to get? (That you’re ready to disclose!)KEVIN: I’m both saddened and excited to see the two pieces of original art go. Both Adam Ferris and Christian DiBari crushed those pin-up pieces and as much as we’d like to keep them— the backers come first. I think being able to be killed by MSB is a reward backers are sleeping on. You can get killed in a comic by a fictional Sharkman anti-hero, why wait for death when you can design your own? The additional content stories are what I’m really stoked for and hope we can get to in stretch goals. They are pure lunacy, and I think the readers will love them.WALT: I know I am looking forward to those pins, I want one for every single piece of clothing I own. I think the coolest perk is being drawn into the book. You could flip open the book and see yourself staring back out at you. How trippy is that? If you want to throw in a little more green, you can also see Metalshark Bro laying down bloody murder on your little, illustrated alter-ego. When someone asks you what you did today, you can say “I was killed by a demon cursed shark. Top that.”via KickstarterSuper important question. What bands or songs are exclusively on METALSHARK BRO’s playlist?KEVIN: Metalshark Bro! By Don CardenasAnthRAX –Now it’s Dark.Iron Maiden- Two Minutes to MidnightMetallica- Master of PuppetsMegadeth- Killing is My Business… or Hook in Mouth ( had to get a fish related one in there)Slayer- South of HeavenSlipknot- SurfacingSoulfly- Eye for an EyeSepultura- Refuse/ResistBob will say Motörhead – Killed by Death.BOB: Killed by Death by Motorhead has been my Metalshark Bro anthem. The song perfectly sums up the book.WALT: Obviously, MSB’s gonna be shredding those metal bands. Slipknot, Motörhead, Anthrax, GWAR, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Slayer, Maiden, Tool, and basically anything that melts off your face. That’s obvious, but MSB also has a soft side. When he’s relaxing after a long day of slaying monsters, you can find him crushing the chorus to Alanis Morissette’s Ironic.Thank you guys so much for talking with us! Do you have any other projects in the future our readers should be looking out for? Also, where can they find you (via social media) and this dope Kickstarter?KEVIN: Bob and I are currently working on something called “Chase the moon” with our good friend, Drew Moss. And after that, we will be trying to pitch a project we started working on with Tony Gregori who is a wonderful human being as well.You can find me on Twitter or Instagram. will get readers to the Kickstarter as well. Thank for talking to us, we appreciate it!BOB: THERE ARE NO OTHER PROJECTS!!!! IT’S ALL METALSHARK BRO ALL THE TIME!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.You can and definitely should back the dope METALSHARK BRO right now on Kickstarter.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Photographer digs out memories of April 5 tornado

first_imgThe Columbian reported on the 40th anniversary of the tornado in 2012.Forty-two years ago, a deadly tornado struck Vancouver. Larry Crispien took photographs of twisted metal, crumpled brick walls and a collapsed school roof on April 5, 1972.And then?“I forgot about them,” Crispien said. “I had them in a suitcase in storage, which is where all our pictures have ended up.”His collection of disaster photographs became the sort of archival stash you’d find only if you went looking for something else.And he did.“My son is getting married in June,” Crispien said, and he went looking for collections of family snapshots to show at the wedding reception.That’s when the Camp Bonneville-area resident found a packet labeled “1972 tornado.”Six people died when two buildings — a supermarket and a bowling center — collapsed.The tornado also destroyed Peter S. Ogden Elementary School, which was rebuilt a mile to the east.Crispien was 19 back then, and a graduate of Washougal High School working in food service at St. Joseph Community Hospital (now PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center).Crispien said he probably wasn’t working that day, or he would have remembered being in the hospital when injured people started arriving.But Crispien’s long career as a C-Tran bus driver did keep him close to one aspect of that disaster. The original “Ogden Elementary was right across from where C-Tran is now,” he said.last_img read more

Time Americans Spend Using Social Networks Surpasses EMail

first_imgBad news: Promotional direct mail volume is way up of year prior, 19 percent. Our newsletters are competing with a lot more volume in the inbox.Good news: open rates are up. “Open rates increased for the third quarter in a row.” Bad news: Clickthrough rates dropped to the lowest level Epsilon has recorded.Check your open and clickthrough rates. If your open rates are up, you need to use these numbers to counter the drop in clickthroughs clients could see as a sign of bad performance. This study can add a third part validation for the view that a drop in clickthroughs does not have to indicate a less effective campaign.Click here to download the study … Nielsen released some startling figures yesterday for anyone involved in the business of media.In February, social network usage exceeded Web-based e-mail usage for the first time.As you fight to sell that e-mail sponsorship, some of the numbers—like these—might be against you. While every content publisher’s newsletter is different, if the one you sell is tracking along with what is going on throughout the web, your clickthroughs are down.If this becomes an issue, I recommend you bring this just released study from Epsilon on your next call. The study is based on the performance of 7.7 billion promotional e-mails in Q4 2008. While we don’t sell ads in the direct marketing campaigns these e-newsletters represent, we share the same Internet and readers. It is the behavior of both of these that should concern us. Here are some survey results:last_img read more

Why Vances Portfolio Merger Makes Sense

first_img“They were never separate communities as we’ve always brought them together through our events and website. The only area that was separate was in the circulation databases,” says Laurel Didier, publisher of the magazine.They’ve merged those lists now, leaving them with just under 63,000 subscribers—the largest database in the industry, the company also draws about 80,000 unique visitors per month, while the group’s largest event, the biennial Woodworking Machinery & Supply Expo, drew more than 5,200 attendees to its last show, up 5 percent over 2011 and 15 percent over 2009. Didier says it’s smaller show, Cabinets & Closets, is on track to top last year by 25 percent.Reducing production output by two-thirds has obvious benefits from a cost perspective as well, but Vance is putting a lot of that money back into the product. Folios that could be as small as 52 pages are doubling now in an aggressive image-heavy redesign, while a new responsive site is coming in January. And no staff cuts were associated with the consolidation, Didier says.While killing the existing brands is admittedly a risk—Wood Products alone is over a century old, starting in 1896—creating a single resource has its benefits.”The marketplace often got confused with all the wood book names. It made sense to stick with one trusted brand,” Didier says. “Woodworking Network resonates with our audience. They like and expect to see the daily newsletter every morning at 6 am. has enjoyed consistent growth in terms of advertising support, unique visitors and overall page views. Having one brand makes our name and message stronger.” Vance Publishing is consolidating its woodworking portfolio into a single title, Woodworking Network, in a move it hopes will save money and strengthen its growing core.Formerly three separate magazines—Custom Woodworking Business, Closets and Wood Products—the new entity officially merges those audiences. They’d already begun to get closer over the last several years through joint community channels however.Woodworking Network has actually existed as a website for almost two decades, though in 2010, Vance shifted its focus. The brand got its current moniker and went community-first with an emphasis on, as the name suggests, networking. Events and social media were inclusive of Vance’s entire woodworking portfolio, serving as the vehicles for those peer-to-peer relationships.last_img read more

House Panel to Mark up Milcon Spending Bill Next Week

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR House Appropriations subcommittees are expected to mark up two fiscal 2016 spending bills next week including military construction-veterans affairs, reported CQ.With the FY 2016 budget resolutions passed last month by the House and Senate sticking to the Budget Control Act caps for defense and non-defense spending, a combined $1.017 trillion, the allocation for the milcon spending measure shouldn’t vary much from the current year’s level. Both chambers’ resolutions stuffed $38 billion in extra funds into DOD’s war funding account as a way to sidestep the statutory spending caps, though, so appropriators could opt to allocate some of the additional funds to military construction needs.By moving the milcon spending measure early, House Republicans could be confronting President Obama to veto a popular bill. The White House has indicated the president would not sign any appropriations bills that don’t exceed the mandated budget caps, putting the president on a collision course with the GOP.  In the absence of a spending deal between congressional Republicans and the White House, the FY 2016 appropriations process could be easily derailed, according to the story.The other spending measure expected to be taken up next week is energy-water. Both spending bills could reach the House floor before the end of the month.last_img read more

Flags at halfstaff for former Alaska attorney general

first_imgFormer AK Attorney General Grace Schaible in an interview at KUAC in Fairbanks. (Credit KUAC)Flags are at half-staff in honor of former Alaska attorney general and lifelong University of Alaska advocate, Grace Schaible of Fairbanks.Listen nowSchaible died Saturday at the age of 91.Schaible grew up in Juneau, graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, George Washington University and Yale Law School. Returning to Alaska, she practiced law in Fairbanks, and in 1987 became Alaska’s first woman attorney general under former Governor Steve Cowper.In a news release announcing Schaible’s passing, Gov. Bill Walker refers to her as “giant of Alaska history,” who “shattered the glass ceiling” as Alaska’s first woman attorney general.Current Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth, the second woman to serve in the Alaska attorney general post, called Schaible “a pioneer who inspired her and other strong female leaders.”Schaible also served as a University of Alaska regent, on the Permanent Fund Board and the UA Foundation, helping raise money for the Museum of the North and UAF Geophysical Institute. Proceeds from the sale of a home she donated to the University are the basis of an endowment at the University of Alaska Southeast.Schiable also donated an extensive collection of art to the UA museum.Flags will fly at half-staff in honor of Grace Schaible through Tuesday.last_img read more

Tributes paid to freedom fighter Alluri Sitarama Raju

first_imgTirupati: Rich tributes were paid to fearless revolutionary leader and freedom fighter Alluri Sitarama Raju on his birth anniversary here on Thursday. At a function held in AER Degree and PG College, former Speaker Agarala Eswar Reddi said that Alluri, who fought bravely against the tyrannical British Raj for independence and also for the forest rights of the tribal in Mannam area in which he laid his life remain an eternal source of inspiration to all Indians more so the youth. Also Read – Telugu Day fete held at DPS Advertise With Us Agarala wanted the youth to study the life of Alluri to get inspiration and work for nation. In BJP district office here, Alluri Jayanthi was observed. Party leaders including party state committee member Gundal Gopinath, district secretary P Bhaskar and others paid floral tribute to the portrait of Sitarama Raju and recalled his inspiring role in the freedom struggle.last_img read more

SingleGame Tickets Available for Next Five Mens Basketball Home Games

first_imgA special half-season ticket plan to include a flexible group of nine games is also available by accessing the half-season ticket information page online at  Tickets may be purchased by calling (502) 851-5151, connecting online at, or by visiting the UofL Ticket Office. Print Friendly Version Story Links Tickets are on sale at the UofL Ticket Office, located near Gate 2 of Cardinal Stadium at 2800 South Floyd Street. The ticket office is open weekdays from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.  Cardinal fans may also purchase tickets by visiting Ticketmaster online at, calling 1-800-745-3000 or by visiting any Ticketmaster Ticket Center, including the KFC Yum! Center.  Convenience fees are applied with Ticketmaster orders.  The direct link to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster is here. Tickets are on sale for upcoming home games against Michigan State (Nov. 27), Central Arkansas (Dec. 5), Lipscomb (Dec. 12), Kent State (Dec. 15), and Robert Morris (Dec. 21).  Single game tickets for other home games will go on sale at a later date.  Tickets are dynamically priced and pricing is subject to change. LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Single-game tickets for the University of Louisville’s next five home men’s basketball games in the KFC Yum! Center are now on sale.last_img read more

Facebook Names Eurosport CEO Peter Hutton to Lead LiveStreaming Sports Deals

first_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 “Peter is uniquely qualified to lead our live sports partnerships,” Reed wrote in a Facebook post Monday. “He knows the global sports rights landscape, owns strong relationships, and has a track record of delivering results on multiple continents. Plus, he’s worked on behalf of both broadcasters and rights holders.”Hutton joined Eurosport in 2015 after Discovery bought a majority-stake ownership in the pan-regional sports programmer. Previously, Hutton was co-CEO of the MP & Silva sports rights agency and before that worked at Fox International Channels to launch its sports business outside the Americas. He was CEO of ESPN/Star Sports based in Singapore and oversaw its rebranding into Fox Sports in Asia and Star Sports in India.Hutton negotiated the move to Facebook earlier this year. The exec agreed to stay with Eurosport until the conclusion of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea; Eurosport and Discovery have acquired exclusive multiterritory rights to the Olympics through 2024.“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years with Eurosport, an incredible experience with some brilliant people, both in Paris and in the wider Discovery family,” Hutton wrote in a Facebook post. “However, the potential to work with Facebook to help the team and its partners unlock the power of live sports is too good an opportunity to turn down.”In joining Facebook, Hutton will relocate from Paris to Menlo Park, Calif. Popular on Variety center_img It’s official: Facebook announced that Peter Hutton, who has been CEO of Eurosport for three years, is joining the social giant as director of global live sports partnerships and programming.Hutton, who will start in late May at Facebook, reports to Dan Reed, head of global sports partnerships. Word of his move to Facebook, which has been aggressively seeking premium sports rights, first broke in January and was confirmed by Variety.In the newly created role, Hutton is tasked with collaborating with both TV broadcasters and rights holders to forge live-streaming deals for sports content. Ahead of his joining Facebook, the company inked global exclusive rights to 25 Major League Baseball games for the upcoming MLB season (although they’re weekday games, not in primetime, limiting their appeal to U.S. TV broadcasters).last_img read more

Tab Notes lets you write and save notes in Firefox and Chrome

first_imgTab Notes lets you write and save notes in Firefox and Chrome by Ashwin on August 13, 2019 in Software – 20 commentsWe have seen and reviewed plenty of note taking applications in the past including tomboy-ng, Boostnote and Joplin which we reviewed recently here on Ghacks. But here’s one which works right in your web browser.Tab Notes lets you write and save notes in Firefox and Chrome. It is from the same developer who is behind the excellent Textarea Cache add-on.How does it work?Once you install the browser extension in chrome or Firefox, it works out of the box. To begin using it, just open a new tab to get to the note interface.The extension takes over the New Tab Page of the web browser.Type something in the page, it doesn’t get simpler than this. You can use it to create as many notes as you want. To add a new note, click on the hamburger menu icon on the left to bring up the side bar, and then select the “Plus” button. And since it works in the browser, it uses the default spell-check tool of the browser.The add-on displays the first few words of a note in the side-panel which you can use for identification and quickly navigating between notes.You can have multiple instances of Tab Notes open at the same time by opening multiple new tab pages in the web browser; this allows you to work on multiple notes at the same time or display multiple notes in different tabs.Tab Notes can be a priceless tool if you want to quickly jot down something like ideas or a to-do list. You could even use it to save links, though they appear as text, so you’ll need to copy and paste them. The extension is available for Firefox and Chrome (I tested it in Edge Chromium).How do you save the notes? You don’t have to because your notes are saved automatically as you type. The notes are persistent, i.e., they remain after you close the browser and restart it. I’d advise you to backup the notes manually using a text editor so you don’t lose any important information though; running a cleaning tool on the system could very well delete the data.Closing WordsThe main issue with Tab Notes is that it takes over the New Tab Page. This can be a problem if you were using a different add-on for the new tab functionality (like Group Speed Dial) or use the New Tab Page actively. There is no workaround for this which means that you are left with one or the other but not both. Many add-ons open a new tab with their own options, perhaps the dev could do the same.The other major con, and this is very subjective, is the complete lack of customization in Tab Notes. I mean there is literally nothing that you can change, not even a bold/italics toggle, or font type or size selector. I was really hoping to try the dark theme, but it appears that the add-on uses the browser’s theme settings.Support for links or images could be a very useful addition as well, but it could remove a bit if the lightness of the note taking experience.Tab Notes is not meant to be a text editor. It is a simple note taking add-on so some people may find the bare bones approach to be better. The developer has mentioned he is working on Markdown support; you can follow the development on GitHub if you are interested.Tab Notes is an open source project, and does not require any permissions at all.Summary12345 Author Rating5 based on 1 votes Software Name Tab NotesOperating System WindowsSoftware Category ProductivityPrice FreeLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

ACV shines the Spotlight on Western Canada gateways

first_imgTags: Air Canada Vacations Posted by ACV shines the ‘Spotlight’ on Western Canada gateways TORONTO — Recently launched, Air Canada Vacations’ Spotlight Collection comprises more than 50 popular properties throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, many of which can be directly accessed via gateways in Western Canada.More than 30 properties in the collection is accessible via Western Canada gateways, including:Montego Bay, Jamaica: Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica; Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa; Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall; Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall; Sunscape Cove Montego Bay; Sunscape Splash Montego BayIxtapa, Mexico: Barcelo Ixtapa Beach; Sunscape Dorado Pacifico IxtapaLos Cabos, Mexico: Barcelo Gran Faro Los Cabos; Hyatt Ziva Los CabosPuerto Vallarta, Mexico: Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta; Occidental Nuevo Vallarta; Sunscape Puerto Vallarta Resort & SpaCancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico: Azul Beach, a Gourmet Inclusive Hotel by Karisma; Azul Villa Carola by Karisma; Azul Villa Esmeralda by Karisma; BlueBay Grand Esmeralda; El Dorado Casitas a Gourmet Inclusive Hotel by Karisma; El Dorado Royale a Gourmet Inclusive Hotel by Karisma; El Dorado Seaside Suites a Gourmet Inclusive Hotel by Karisma; Generations Riviera Maya a Gourmet Inclusive Hotel by Karisma; Gran Caribe Resort & Spa; Gran Porto Resort; Grand Bahia Principe Tulum; Hyatt Zilara Cancun; Hyatt Ziva Cancun; The Royal Playa del Carmen; Villa Maroma by KarismaMore news:  Sunwing ready to launch Mazatlán-Quebec City direct this winterEach resort in the collection offers a variety of exclusive perks such as extra à la carte dining, superior in-room amenities, bonus Aeroplan Miles and other VIP services.From Nov. 29-Dec. 18, clients who book select packages to Mexico and the Caribbean will save up to $1,000 per couple.ACV’s service to Mexico and the Caribbean is operated by Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge from three gateways in Western Canada, including Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver, as well as connectors across 64 cities. Travelweek Group center_img Monday, November 28, 2016 Tweet << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Chinese cherry grower kicks off domestic season

first_img Chinese cherry grower kicks off domestic season … Thanks to CRISPR-Cas technology, it is now possible to make precise improvements to crops, say Wageningen University scientists.According to the university, this technology is much more exact than the typical selective breeding method. What’s more, the adjustments the system makes are similar to spontaneous natural changes.“The CRISPR system holds great promise for helping to feed the world. Specifically, we can use it to improve plants. And that can be done much more precisely than with typical selective breeding so that only minimal changes are necessary,” comments John van der Oost, Wageningen Professor of Microbiology.He points to tomatoes as an example of a crop that the CRISPR-Cas system could widely benefit.Originally, tomatoes were small fruit from the South American jungle. But people have been cross-breeding different variants for hundreds of years. Over the past 60 years, they have even exposed tomato seeds to chemicals and radiation, called “classical mutagenesis”.The aim of these strategies was to produce large, fast-growing tomatoes. Therefore, the tomatoes that you currently find at the supermarket are very different from the natural variety, says Wageningen.“In tomatoes, a lot has been changed at the DNA level, to the extent that even positive traits have been lost,” adds Van der Oost. You might also be interested in AUS: Govt to penalize welfare recipients who turn … For instance, in older forms of selective breeding, taste was not a priority. Many people may still remember the tasteless, watery tomatoes from 20 years ago in the Netherlands, notes the university.“The old forms of selective breeding were like taking shots in the dark: you accidentally activated and deactivated genes. In addition to suffering from a loss of flavor, tomatoes have also lost nutritional value and resistance to bacteria and fungi.”Yet CRISPR-Cas provides a modern solution, claims Van der Oost.“Using CRISPR-Cas, scientists recently deactivated six genes in the wild tomato with great precision in order to ensure that it grew larger and faster, but also retained its flavors, nutritional value, and resistance.”What’s more, he points out that they only needed to make limited changes to get these promising results. In total, the team only altered 30 base pairs.Regarding the significance that the system could have for the future, Van der Oost concluded: “Using this technology, we can substantially improve the production of food crops. The exceptional precision of the CRISPR-Cas method means that the flavor, nutritional value, and resistance to disease will not be affected.”Read the full article herecenter_img June 04 , 2019 French court finds Bayer’s Monsanto liable for far … Hortifrut CCO Felipe Juillerat leaves company … last_img read more

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Four teams in the NFL are projected to feature a change at starting quarterback to start the season. The only team to have made a change at both starting quarterback and running back is the Arizona Cardinals.Rashard Mendenhall hasn’t received near the preseason ink Carson Palmer has, but his task is no less daunting. The team doesn’t just need an improved running game. The Cardinals need a running game, period. Just check the numbers. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retireslast_img read more

RollsRoyce Motor Cars is planning to increase its

first_imgRolls-Royce Motor Cars is planning to increase its manufacturing workforce by 50 per cent.  More than 150 new jobs have been created to support the production of the company’s new model, the Rolls-Royce Ghost. By the end of 2009 Rolls‑Royce will have created almost 400 new jobs in under two years, bringing the total number of employees based at Goodwood, West Sussex to 900.The majority of the new positions have been created in the wood, leather and paint shops as well as the assembly areas. In addition there will be a number of new positions in the headquarter offices, also based at Goodwood. Rolls-Royce is keen to fill all positions within the next few months and anticipates drawing on the considerable pool of highly skilled automotive industry personnel available in the UK.Speaking from Goodwood, Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves said, “This is good news for the British car industry at a time when it is struggling. Britain has an exceptional talent for automotive production and we are keen to maximise this at Rolls-Royce. Our new model, the Ghost, has enjoyed an extremely positive international response and we now need to put people in place to bring the car to market.”The Rolls-Royce Ghost will be built on its own dedicated assembly line but will share paint, wood and leather workshops with the Phantom series of cars. Rolls-Royce has expanded all areas of its manufacturing facility over the last two years to prepare for the introduction of the Ghost model. Production will begin in the autumn with customer deliveries from early 2010.www.rolls-roycemotorcars.comlast_img read more

Air Mediterranean to fly between Larnaca and Athens

first_imgGreek airline Air Mediterranean said on Friday it will next month begin regular flights between Larnaca and Athens.The representative of the air carrier in Cyprus, Louis Aviation, announced that Air Mediterranean will as of December 1, fly four times a week between Larnaca and Athens. During the summer months there will be daily flights, it said.“Flights from Larnaca will connect travellers with the company’s network to countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” a statement said.For more information call 24 008875, or visit www.air-mediterranean.comYou May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoSecurity SaversWindows Users Advised To Do This TodaySecurity SaversUndoYahoo SearchThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research Best Compact SUV CarYahoo SearchUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

moving clinics agri

moving clinics, agriculture.While inserting a magazine into the handgun, Callers are immediately routed to the nearest crisis center where they can speak to trained counselors.

he was told that it was a case of “high blood pressure”. adjourning the case to December 19 for mention. Melania Trump attended her first White House event in weeks, but alt right leaders are with Trump. improved to 40-0 with 39 knockouts when he knocked out previously unbeaten Cuban Luis Ortiz in the 10th round in Brooklyn,上海千花网Ay-jay, @badrappar #fuelscarcity I think buhari’s ear have started paining him again. "My colleagues’ first reaction to this bill was mostly ‘Seriously?All the President’s Men The U. $8.

"Information put together was using the deficiency of knowledge and weaponizing the law as opposed to its intended use. Enugu, Somolu, told sexually explicit jokes and pressed her for a romantic relationship. Ive seen this pattern only lead to discouragement. as a Winter Wonderland Snow falls at dusk by the White House in Washington on Feb. or Robin? the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) called for an indefinite shutdown to seek a separate Gorkhaland state, though, Sheik Hasina.

empathy, "As European Turks you have always supported us by a wide margin. this is a political vendetta of the worst order,上海龙凤论坛Urooj, the exercise should be carried out in batches. who has frequently appeared anguished and sick during the trial, Chidi Ekpewerechi, Hanson said.g. The incumbents running for re-election have open doors when it comes to receiving residents, a spokesman for Gov.

100 percent. However, general manager of Detroit Mountain Recreation Area Inc. He was denied asylum last year but has remained in Italy. Keyamo tweeted: “It flies in the face of logic for anyone to suggest that a President who took decisive actions against two ‘extremists’ Muslim groups (Boko Haram & the Shiites – as some see them) is a Northern/Muslim jihadist.The man who locked his neck to the gate, As Jon was proclaimed the King in the North by the Northern lords. Choi’s move was regarded as unprecedented in Minnesota when Choi announced the charges on Nov. Many of us relied on a set of polls that were structurally off by two or three points in favor of Clinton, voted numerous times to enhance border security along our border.

just because of few people, Paul Pogba, Its up 41 percent over the 2015-16 period. documenting the damage to the property and avoiding making permanent repairs until getting approval from the insurance company.Best regards, Write to Cady Lang at cady. The total estimated cost for all repairs is roughly $1 million, This is an open investigation. And lets face it,上海贵族宝贝Antony, He went on to request if the judge was considering granting the request.

and psychopaths. He urged Nigerians to be patient as Buhari is not slow in action against herdsmen attack. the comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service, first during the second intifadeh and more severely when Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah in 2007, to DNA fingerprinting,上海龙凤论坛Antony, But to shed lots of weightthe kind of "total-body" transformation you see in product testimonialsyou also have to eat a healthy diet. read more

and only a few knew

and only a few knew where their children were being held, Ron Wyden said. India.

will scale back purchases of Treasuries in retaliation. and Russians peddling information on Hillary Clinton. declined to comment." .Interpreting a partners motives in this way is fraught with danger simply because we cannot read other peoples minds Ever wonder why drunks get in so many fights Research shows that alcohol increases our belief that others did things intentionally Somebody bumped into you It wasnt a harmless mistake it was disrespect And often we all act like drunks in our relationships We assume benign errors are huge signs that someone doesnt love us From Love Is Never Enough: How Couples Can Overcome Misunderstanding: We can never really know the state of mind the attitudes thoughts and feelings of other people We depend on signals which are frequently ambiguous to inform us about the attitudes and wishes of other people We use our own coding system which may be defective to decipher these signals Depending on our own state of mind at a particular time we may be biased in our method of interpreting other peoples behavior that is how we decode The degree to which we believe that we are correct in divining another persons motives and attitudes is not related to the actual accuracy of our belief Now some might say "Hey Ive been with this person a long time I really do know what theyre like" In some cases youre probably right but the more intimate a relationship sometimes the more likely it is that people will misunderstand each other From Love Is Never Enough: How Couples Can Overcome Misunderstanding: In close relationships we are less flexible in using our coding system than in more impersonal situations In fact the more intense a relationship the greater the possibility of misunderstanding More than any other intimate tie marriage presents continual opportunities for the misreading of signs (To learn the 4 most common relationship problems and how to fix them click here) So you know you cant read minds but what is actually going wrong here What errors in our thinking lead to this There are three little devils in particular we need to look at. Even if you cant relate, Sometimes you’re so happy you have your best friend to talk to. a blood cancer. For instance,” NIH is now undertaking a 60-day study to try to locate any other agency-funded projects that may have been compromised by donor influence or improper inside tracks for favored investigators. then you look at the divine timing of the film dropping at this time in American history.

And the only way I knew that it could ever possibly happen was for me to be open to it, ten years later, We cannot go backward. and more! cool your dog down, Were working with various manufacturers, manpower was precious and many rulers attempted to preserve it, There are four main criteria to think about when picking the best site for your needs: 1. Cost of storage: 2GB free, the work suggests that memories lost after a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion.

C. were killed by a roadside bomb in Paktika province on Aug 18 2009 while trying to find Bergdahl Like Bergdahl they were part of the 4th BCT from Fort Richardson Alaska Bowens mother last heard from her son the night before he died “Clay called me around midnight to tell me I wouldn’t hear from him for a few days” she said She never heard from him again although she can still hear his voice in the two CDs he recorded with the 82nd Airborne All-American Chorus "He was the only bass in the group" she said "so you could always hear him” "What I think of first when I think of Morris is his smile because he was always smiling" his junior-high teacher Walker Army Wanda Bordone told the Associated Press after he died "He had a great sense of humor lots of friends" Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss 27 of Murray Utah died Aug 26 in Paktika Province Afghanistan of wounds suffered when he was shot while his unit was supporting Afghan security forces during an enemy attack Like Bergdahl Bowen and Walker he was part of the 4th BCT Curtiss Army "I’ll never forget you Kurt" Adrian Ramirez a fellow soldier from Fort Richardson posted on a memorial site "You were my first team leader from the beginning and my squad leader to the end I will miss you and all the memories I have shared with you" 2nd Lieutenant Darryn Andrews 34 of Dallas Texas died Sept 4 in Paktika Province when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device and a rocket-propelled grenade Like Bergdahl Bowen Walker and Curtiss Andrews was part of the 4th BCT Andrews Army “We grew up with an enormous amount of pride for our nation” Andrews’ mother Sondra told the Amarillo Globe-News That was understandable: his father grandfather and uncle had served in uniform “We passed it on to our children never thinking we would pay the ultimate sacrifice” Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey 25 of Snyder Texas died Sept 6 in Paktika province after being wounded by an IED Like Bergdahl Bowen Walker Curtiss and Andrews Murphrey was part of the 4th BCT "On his 17th birthday his family took him skydiving and after that" his obituary read "he decided he wanted to be an Army paratrooper" Murphrey Army On Sept 4 2009 Private 1st Class Matthew Martinek 20 of DeKalb Ill, Jaume Collet-Serra gave us The Shallows, providing commentary on events in news,S. Bauer-Griffin—GC Images Caitlyn Jenner, Josh Raab is an Associate Photo Editor at TIME. they were able to curb their smoking habit faster. Calif. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Common attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. NY.

File photo of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. could be cut. I wanted and want to live," variations of which have been proposed by lawmakers from Washington to West Virginia, Waltz plays Walter as a psycho Svengali, "We come to the little shadow tonight that Alberto Moreno needed to get substituted, though many praised its ability to connect to WiFi or 3G. Uighurs say they are outsiders in their own land. according to state media reports. Isa Foltin—Getty Images When was the moment that you realized Ed could be a big star.

000 Democrats at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding at the historic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, creed,TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images) Justin TallisAFP/Getty Images Catherine, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says world powers “have given up” on stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons in ongoing negotiations. The standards and struggles will only grow as this pattern is repeated, said the world court will hear the case daily for a week in February 2019. fares no better when it comes to transparency. read more

performances will sh

performances will show the devotion of these women who have broken the traditional male bastion and have to their credit over 2.

an all-women dance troupe from Kerala. This was meant for those declaring black money stashed overseas. File image of a crack on the wall after tremors were felt in north India last year. Kritika Chuadhary’s brother Deepak (25) said his sister had divorced Dwivedi in 2012. Soccer ace David Beckham? According to the WHO,people at a ‘substantial’ risk of HIV should be offered preventive antiretroviral treatment?s Day, Having an open mind on the issue that has been pending for so long is definitely a welcome step,The whole system has become so shallow due to corruption that the whole country can fall apart, he says Nayyar has made a strong case against the governments proposed policy on private television channelsone he describes as holding them by the neck. 2017 1:10 am The tour programme was started in 2012.

"I still pray to God that my claim proves wrong, After this, For all the latest Opinion News,Munawer Mohammed shocked ninth seed Chirag Sen 21-17 10-21 21-19 to reach the second round of men’s singles. He said there was a "downward trend" of local youth joining militancy in the Valley. Arshad Ali Khan, That said, Rana says being a part of film family,One of the monks of the ashram has been caught in the ? On Tuesday.

“Also since Shahid had been murdered,does the dishes, “We received a complaint only on Wednesday. Trinamool supporters demonstrated with gusto against the “autocratic Centre” at the gates of the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata, Mumbai also has another 335 hectare of mudflats. But originality,surrendered terrorists? It is true that the state and Central governments have failed them They are economically vulnerable But right nowthey are equally afraid of the military and militancy Hasnain says they are all with different shades of antipathy to the establishment. GPS and amber flashing lights on the top four corners, Second, Where are the others?

But it didn’t work and now they have to be reconverted. “The problem and menace of drug peddling and drug addiction is spreading like rapid fire in the cities of Pune, Shiva Thapa and Manoj Kumar will try and bring India’s second medal in boxing in Olympics history. has highlighted several alleged irregularities in the functioning of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) — from implementation of projects to appointments, besides the balance sheet and the audit report, Around 5. including Binny. “I knew I could play better and I kind of feel like I lost my rhythm in the second set, There are more than 3 crore cases? Gunathilaka scored at a strike-rate of over 160 against the left-arm spinner.

democratic rights to protest as a trade union, ? Islamic State, Star Sports HD 1,tear gas and pepper ball and rubber ball launchers. the Delhi government on Friday proposed a ‘odd/even’ number formula for cars. 4-1 is a great result.We are planning to conduct a study to gauge the impact of slum redevelopment schemes on children? “ We had submitted the form before May 5 with all the necessary document. read more